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Dr Ahmadali Amirghofran

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Name: Ahmad Ali Amirghofran

Certification & Education: Associate professor in Cardio-Vascular Surgery of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences of Iran, cardiovascular surgeon

Years of experience and number of successful surgeries: more than 25 years of experience and 30000 successful surgeries

languages: English, Persian

Specialty: cardiothoracic surgery, bypass surgery, Trans-annular RVOT patch Operation, Ross – Konno operation, minimally invasive mitral valve repair, Florida sleeve operation, mitral insufficiency treatment, tachycardia treatment, coronary artery treatment


Ranked as number 1 in the Iranian national board of cardiothoracic surgery.

More than 30 published articles. And 40 medical presentations regarding to cardiology.

Doctor’s Email: DrAmirghofran@ariamedtour.com


Dr. Ahmad Ali Amirghofran

Dr Ahmad Ali Amirghofran is the member of Department of Cardiovascular Surgery in

Faghihi Hospital. he received Fellowship in cardiac surgery within years 1994-1995. During his inhabitancy in UK he was active as the   Senior and later the honorary senior House Officer in cardiothoracic surgery, Great Ormond Street (GOS) hospital for sick children, London since July 1995 till December 1995.He was later the  Clinical Assistant to Mr. J. Stark, Consultant Cardio thoracic Surgeon, The Harley Street Clinic in London since July 1995 – December 1995.

He was active as Overseas fellow in cardio thoracic surgery in Middlesex Hospital, London, UK since January 1996 – November 1996 and lately, the Observer training in Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery in Leipzig Heart Center, Germany in January 2007.

He is Associate professor in Cardio-Vascular Surgery of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences of Iran since January 2009 till present and the Chairman of department of cardiac surgery, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences since September 1998 till present. He received a board certification of cardiovascular surgery in year 1998.


Iranian Society of Cardiac Surgeons (ISCS).
European Association of Cardiothoracic Surgery (EACTS)
Asian Association of Cardiothoracic Surgery (AACTS)
Iranian Organ Transplantation Association


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