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Question 55:

Are medical tourism hospitals in Iran fully equipped for all kinds of medical procedures?


AriaMedtour has always chosen selected hospitals serving international people seeking medical treatments in Iran. The various factors that are critical to ensure the quality of services are as listed follow:
– Medical facilities are all certified with global standards, also have fully equipped ICU and facilities, and 24 hours nursing.
– Medical procedures are all performed in fully equipped operating rooms with the professional qualified medical staff.
– Patients will be kept in hospitals for less than 24 hours after the operation, of course the length of stay depends on the medical procedure.
– Medical facility in each hospital we present has a dedicated ward for managing international patients demands.
All the hospitals that we work with are accredited, which means the infrastructure and quality of care is at par with western global standards or have ISO accreditation. You can be assured that medical tourism hospitals in Iran that we offer you all have high quality services.

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Question 54:

How do you continue the follow-ups procedure when I got back to my country


– First you will be required to stay couple of days in the city, you did the surgery depending on the procedure you went through, to insure that you are on the right recovery path.
– We seek to keep in touch with our patients once they get back to their country, as the continuing healing process of our international patients is important to us. We use different communicating canals as E-mail, Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook and etc. to get feedback of our patients and also to do the future follow up procedure.

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Question 53:

What is the best method for hair transplant?


Generally The FUT and FIT as a combined method would be the best for most of the patients. You will get perfect result regarding to your head type and you will completely feel the change.
First FUT and then FIT is used for patients. the process starts from front side with high hair density and then goes back on back of the head as front side of head is the most important part everyone sees it first like in conferences, face to face talks and etc and then while following the process to the back of your head the density of hair graphs will gradually get light As we cover all of your head.

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Question 52:

Regarding the photos I sent from my face, what method is the best beard transplant which will be permanent and contains high compression?


In this case, hair transplant should be done through FUT method, that is Follicle Unit Transplantation. The procedure will be done in one day, and it takes between 8 to 10 hours. In many clinics it may be done in 2 to 3 hours, which would result in less hair density. We do it in 10 to 12 hours, using FUT method. We remove a flap from back of the head. The flap then would be cut under microscope, and hair would be transplanted on the face with high density and very natural, like male pattern. It would be without any pain and bleeding. There will be no need for anesthesia, and the whole procedure will be done in one day.
It should also be noted that in many clinics around the world the slits on the face would be created through SP or bistoury, because it would be much easier that way. We do it by needle, so that there will be no scarring left on the face after beard transplant. The most important thing in beard transplant is that there would be no scarring left on the face after shaving. Working with needle is very hard for surgeons, but we do it by needle for patients so that the result would be delicate and pleasing.

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Question 51:

How much does a nose job cost in Iran?


How much does a nose job cost in Iran or How much does Rhinoplasty cost in Iran is a common asked question by people seeking affordable surgery in Iran. You can basically save up to 80% for getting your nose job in iran, performed by the best board certificated plastic surgeons. Basically the cost of the nose job surgery in iran starts from 1450 USD depending on the specialist fee.
The rhinoplasty surgery in Iran is done by best qualified doctors, plastic and cosmetic surgeons of the country selected directly by AriaMedtour, all having special abroad and international memberships like American Society of Plastic Surgeons. The clinics and hospitals are fully equipped with medical facilities of all kinds.

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Question 50:

How many days should I stay in Iran for undergoing the puffy eye surgery?


As far as you have to visit the doctor three days after your surgery, Generally speaking you have to stay three days in Iran for your procedure. On rare occasions by doctor diagnosis the patient will stay longer.

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Question 49:

How long the swelling lasts for the puffy eye surgery?


The swelling will last for around a week and after two months approximately the eye and face condition will get back to normal situation.

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Question 48:

How long does it take for a puffy eye or an eye bag surgery?


This procedure will generally take an hour, an hour and half depending on the patient condition.

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Question 47:

Is it possible to remove the fillers after the surgery if the patient is not satisfied with the result?


Yes. HA fillers can be removed with an enzyme called hydroponically.

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Question 46:

Are there any chances that lip augmentation goes wrong?


It may happen depending on the substance that is used. Most surgeons prefer using HA fillers that last longer, and are less allergic than collagen fillers.

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Question 45:

Are the results instant after lip augmentation?


A mild swelling is expected after the surgery. After the swelling is settles, that is after 24 hours, you will see the result.

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Question 44:

How long does lip augmentation surgery last?


It varies depending on the patient’s age and the substance used. On average to keep up the desired size, it is needed to repeat the treatment every 6 months.

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Question 43:

How much filler is needed in lip augmentation?


To achieve a full and yet natural look, it may be necessary to repeat the treatment a few sessions.

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Question 42:

What are lip fillers made of?


Most fillers are Collagen-based or Hyaluronic Acid-based (HA)

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Question 41:

Can neck surgery be combined with other methods?


It is normal to expect swelling after neck lift surgery. There are some measures you can take to reduce the swelling. For the first 48 hours use gauze soaked with ice water. Avoid ice bags or cool gel packs as they might damage your skin. Minimize your salt intake after the surgery as much as possible.

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