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Tehran is the beating heart of Iran. Being the capital of Iran, Tehran is a very busy city where one can experience a very unique adventurous trip. Accompanied by Medical Tourism in Tehran and 5-star hotel hospitals, you can trust highly qualified doctors in modern and fully equipped hospitals and clinics who take care of all your medical needs. From Lasik eye surgery to the most complicated heart surgeries and even cosmetic surgeries, the professional surgery team in Tehran will satisfy all your medical needs with comfort and ease.

There are many archeological and natural museums in Tehran like the Treasury of National Jewels, Sa’dabad Complex, National Museum of Iran, Ebrat Museum, any many more historical palaces brought about prominence and dignity to the city. Also, the ski resorts in north of Tehran, Darakeh & Darband, Tochal Telecabin and many more funfair parks will deliver delight, hilarity, and amusement to the travelers. For Rhinoplasty and other cosmetic surgeries in Tehran, one can freely choose from a wide variety of clinics and hospitals that offer high quality jobs with very affordable prices.

The most ancient and splendid outdoor market in Tehran is the traditional Grand Bazaar. Notwithstanding, everywhere in Tehran one can easily find huge and modern shopping centers for the daily needs. Additionally, the shopping centers in Iran are definitely cheaper than the most places in Europe and Middle east due to the ever fluctuating currency. With the end in view, the transportation systems in Tehran is safe and fast.

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