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Zafar Clinic

Clinic Name: Zafar

Location: Iran, Tehran

Clinic Services: production of the silicone prostheses such as smart artificial limbs and silicone cosmetics of all kinds

hand Prosthesis 1150 $
finger Prosthesis 270$
ear Prosthesis 540$
partial foot Prosthesis 1150$

nose Prosthesis 685$
smart Prosthesis from 9800$ up to 29300$
under knee Prosthesis up to 9800$
upper knee Prosthesis from 3700$ up to 19700$

Zafar Clinic

The Zafar clinic started its activity in the field of artificial limbs under the supervision of Faculty of Rehabilitation graduates of Iran University of Medical Sciences since 2009, and has begun the construction of silicones prosthetic organs. This center provides the best quality at the most affordable prices to the national and international custumers
Zafar clinic is among the few silicon-based artificial limb manufacturing centers in the Middle East for those seeking artificial limbs
The number of successful prostheses made til now in this center reaches 1700.

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