Six major benefits of gastric sleeve surgery that make it worthwhile

We understand how difficult it is for you! Obesity is an unbearable condition; a problematic situation that sometimes makes you burst into tears or feel ashamed in front of others. You may have adopted a multitude of diets but still unable to make a success of it and go down a size.woman before and after weight loss surgery

You might happen to think why many of your friends and acquaintances have hearty appetites without being worried about their weight. Are they enjoying a God-given gift that you have not given?

Here is the answer: the problem is with the size of your stomach. If it has been challenging for you to have a diet in order to reduce your waist size, don’t worry! Substantial medical advancements have an overnight solution for you: “gastric sleeve surgery.”

Also known as “vertical sleeve gastrectomy,” gastric sleeve surgery is a well-known weight loss surgery. It helps you to have a sleeve or banana sized stomach by removing 75% of it. Sleeve gastrectomy is carried out laparoscopically, and patients are under general anesthesia during the procedure. A laparoscope is a medical tool with tiny built-in cameras that goes through a small incision on your abdomen to send a video of your stomach to a monitor in front of the surgeon, through which he/she can see the inside of your body while performing the operation.

If you are fed up with dull diets, sleeve gastrectomy surgery helps you experience a whole new life in which your dreams come true. How? Let’s see.

Advantages of gastric sleeve surgery

1- Having a slender waist without undertaking hard diets

Sleeve gastrectomy surgery is a restrictive surgery. By having gastric sleeve surgery, your food intake substantially decreases, and you would be unable to eat as you used to. In fact, you feel full after eating a small amount of food, and you would not go hungry at least for 6 hours.three photos of a woman with different weights

The medical operation not only decreases the size of your stomach but it also balances your appetite hormones called ghrelin and grueling, leading to a substantial decrease in your food cravings and controlling your blood sugar. As a result, you lose 60% to 70% of your weight after the first year without undergoing crash diets.

2- No extra device insertion in the body

Unlike gastric banding surgery or gastric balloon, no foreign object is inserted in the body. In gastric banding, a band is put around the upper part of the patient’s stomach to separate it from the lower part and limit the amount of food one can eat. By eliminating the need for placing any object or instrument in the patient’s body while undergoing sleeve gastrectomy operation, patents sustain lower infection levels during the operation and less pain after recovery.

3- No functional disorder

After the sleeve gastrectomy operation, the banana-shaped stomach functions normally. Patients would have no difficulties eating different type of foods or digesting them, as it does not change patients’ digestive system. This operation, in essence, restricts only the amount of food intake. Furthermore, given the fact that there is no need for an intestinal bypass, intestines remain intact during the surgery. Sleeve gastrectomy not only helps patients to experience fewer stomach ulcers but it also helps them to steer clear of physical side effects such as dumping, anemia, and intestinal blockage. Besides, People who had sleeve gastrectomy are less likely to suffer from vitamin and micro-nutrient deficiencies, which are normal in gastric bypass.

4- Reducing the risk of weight-related health problem

Excess weight could pose health risks and bring potential life-threatening conditions, among which are ones listed here:

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart diseases
  • High cholesterol
  • Stroke
  • Asthma
  • Joint pain
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • arthritis
  • Sleep apnea

However, sleeve gastrectomy improves the health conditions of those suffering from weight-related health problems. It is a lasting solution with beneficial effects on the remission of obesity-related comorbidities. Numerous studies have shown that no sign of diabetes has been found in more than 60% of patients who have undergone gastric sleeve surgery. Patients also have experienced long-term joint pain relief, improved cardiovascular disease, and other stable medical conditions.

5- Fast recovery

The recovery process after the surgery is speedy. The whole process of sleeve gastrectomy operation lasts about 1-2 hours. You are required to stay in the hospital for at last one or two nights. The recovery process is quite fast, and patients could immediately move around and return to daily routines. You may sometimes be in pain, but it quickly subsides by taking some pain killers. This condition, finally, ceases to exist within a few days. After about one month, the patient can generally eat solid food but in small portions.

6- A big change in life quality and psychological status

Sleeve gastrectomy surgery helps patients go through the weight-loss process and experience a marked improvement in the quality of their lives. The patients feel more confident and can actively engage in more physical activities. Based on reported statistics, following sleeve gastrectomy surgery, patients have seen a sharp decline in anxiety and depression, and the number of unemployment and singlehood has significantly reduced.

infographic containing a happy young man and benefits of gastric sleeve surgery

Bottom line

Last but not least, gastric sleeve surgery is a tool which sets the stage for patients to lose weight. If patients do not follow post-operative guidelines, including adopting a healthy lifestyle, they may relapse into the previous condition. If you are tired of numerous failures in losing weight and you are suffering from BMI more than 40, or if you are among those who have BMI 35-39 with serious health problems do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation about gastric sleeve surgery and how you can book a surgery arrangement in Iran.