Rhinoplasty or nose job is a kind of cosmetic surgery which involves reshaping the nose to give it a more attractive look, or correcting its aesthetic and functional defects. Many people who want to get a nose job are not sure about the timing of the surgery and they don’t know which season is most suitable for their operation.

Nose job in fall and winter

Rhinoplasty (Primary or revision nose surgery) can be done in fall and winter. The cold weather of fall and winter would not have a negative post-operative effect on your surgery. Patients’ nose after surgery will be safe in any condition of cold weather. So cold weather does not hinder the success of surgery. Rhinoplasty is a kind of beauty surgery and it is not related to any kind of weather situation and temperature.

successful nose job

Rhinoplasty in spring and summer

Temperature of the first days of spring are still cool and Rhinoplasty can be done in this season. Patients should not be concerned for their nose after Rhinoplasty in summer because it can be a suitable season for a nose surgery. Cold or hot weather doesn’t have bad effect on the shape of nose after surgery. Heat of the summer does not create any problems except for maybe a little more swelling. And you better not expose your nose too much to sunlight for a few weeks after the surgery.

blue sky with white clouds and sun light

Rhinoplasty patients should avoid intense physical activities such as swimming and bodybuilding for a few weeks after their nose job, especially during the hot summer.

In short, weather and temperature does not have any negative effect on nose surgery. Patients should not be worried about the season of their surgery and it is recommended that patients avoid intense physical activity for about a month after surgery.

Successful nose job in Iran

Given that Iran is a four-season country, meaning that different regions have different climates during the year, it can be a perfect country for a Rhinoplasty. Most major cities of Iranwhich provide Rhinoplasty services have mild climate during most of the year with not extremely cold nor extremely hot weather.

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