Medical tourism is becoming more and more popular in all fields of medical and cosmetics in Iran. it should be noted that alongside of the fame in rhinoplasty and over all plastic surgery, it offers also high quality hair transplant services for international demands as hair is nowadays a beauty factor both for men and women.

Hair transplantation is the procedure of getting hair from the back of your head, and then replanting, or transplanting it into areas which are bald. This process is famous among men for the fast, achievable result and also rapid healing so patients can get back to their routine life within just two days.

Increasing number of foreign demands for hair transplantation

The numbers of hair transplants recently has been ascended in Iran. Iran was announced among the high ranked middle eastern countries in hair transplantation services And on the other hand the number of people coming to Iran for hair transplant treatments is becoming more and more.

Most foreign patients, arriving for hair transplantation in recent year, were from England, Canada, Germany, India, Australia, middle east Countries, etc. The hair transplant costs in Iran will be a huge prices start from 800$ while in the England the same process costs about $12,000. In the United States, prices can go up to $15,000. So by choosing Iran as the hair transplant destination you will save your money and also earn the best and high quality services as saving a lot of your money. Iran recently has been so famous as the destination for hair transplantation procedures employing the best and high qualified doctors all board certificated in skin care fields also on the other hand employing the best skin care hospitals and clinics all serving national and international patients every day.

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on Dec 12, 2017