Easter is symbol of hope, renewal and new life.


Easter Offer

• Patients shall book their arrival date from now until April 21st to be able to take advantage of the Easter offer.

• Patients shall deposit 10% of the total price and arrive by April 8th to receive an extra 5% off the Easter package.

• Ariamedtour will advise the patient with a doctor selected by patient’s doctor assistant. If patient decides to choose a doctor of his/her preference the Easter offer will not be eligible.

Payment Policy

• After scheduling a date for the procedure selected by patient, 10% of total cost shall be paid through the online payment service provided on website and if the procedure is canceled 7 days before the selected date there will be a full refund to the patient with a deduction of 12% administration fee.

• The fee to apply for visa authorization code is non-refundable.

• The hotel and air fare prices may not be equivalent to the prices searched by patient as the arrival, departure date, length of stay, and holidays in Iran effect the prices and packages given on Ariamedtour can not be fixed based on the prices patient receives.

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