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How Can I Pay through YekPay Website?

What is YekPay?

YekPay is Iran’s secure connection link to international payment networks that acts like international money transfer portals such as PayPal and SWIFT.

YekPay is a provider of international payment services whose services include website payment gateways for online businesses, personal payment gateways, Swift services and currency remittances.

Money transfer in YekPay is done through a secure banking platform and can be followed at all stages.

Payment steps:

In the following video, you can see all the steps needed to pay your deposit on YekPay website:

General tips

  1. Payment in this portal must be done in “Euros“.
  2. If a white screen is displayed to you, you should talk to your bank to get transfer permission or use another bank account.
  3. On this portal, you can pay with International bank cards such as VisaCard and MasterCard, which have 3-D Secure feature.
  4. If you live in the US, please change your IP via VPN and then give it a try.

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