Dr Behtarinezhad iranian female dentist

Doctor Profile

Name: Maryam Behtari Nezhad

Certification & Education: orthodontist, dental surgeon, prosthodontist

Years of experience and number of successful surgeries:

languages: English, Persian

Specialty: Laminate veneer, ceramic veneer, Root canal therapy, ventures, Dental Bleaching, medical

Doctor’s Email: DrBehtarinezhad@ariamedtour.com

Dr. Maryam Behtari Nezhad

Dr Maryam BehtariNezhad is among the featured dentists and dental surgeons .She presents a variety of dental services such as diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of dental problems. she is highly skilled in orthodontic methods of each kind. All the machinery and devices used in her clinic are also the best brands of the day.. she has high experience in aesthetic dentistry employing latest technology.

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