dr shahrokh yeganeh iranian dentist standing in his office

Doctor Profile

Name: Shahrokh Yeganeh

Certification & Education: Orthodontist, dental cosmetic surgeon

Years of experience and number of successful surgeries: more than 16 years of experience and 8000 successful orthodontic and cosmetic dental surgeries

Languages: Persian, English

Specialties: Orthodontics, cosmetic dental surgeries, tooth sensibility treatments, abscessed tooth treatments, crooked tooth treatment, unattractive smile treatment, crown and bridge, denture, implants, root canals

Doctor’s Email: DrYeganeh@ariamedtour.com

About Dr Yeganeh

In the year 2001, he received the of Orthodontics board in Europe and earned an Implant and Beauty Certificate from USA. Using modern and high precision equipments, he could established one of the most equipped dental clinics in Tehran in year 2015 . In his clinic all the units are generaly bought from the famous Italian brands, German fostoplite, CADCAM and also the Sterilization devices of Uoranda (made in Italy)Implant Surgery Machines has the most quality materials made by countries such as USA. Also, all the consumables equipments in clinic are also the best brands of the day. Dr Yeganeh is highly skilled and experienced in orthodontic, implant and cosmetic surgery.

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