3-star hotel

Varzesh hotel offers a wide range of high-quality accommodation and services. These include luxury rooms and suites, on-site full-service restaurants and coffee shops with the Persian and international cuisine, and sports complex including pool, sauna, Jacuzzi and massage room, to name a few.

Sports facilities provided in Varzesh hotel is a key characteristic of this hotel. This hotel focuses on providing an unforgettable guest experience. The hotel staff considers guest needs and concerns as their priority. Accordingly, those who’ve been in this hotel reports a pleasant stay.

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Varzesh Hotel Amenities  
 WiFi      Lobby      Swimming Pool      Sauna      Massage Parlor      Jacuzzi      Laundry service       Satelite      Refrigerator      Flush Toilet      Taxi Services      Squat Toilet     Safe Box    Restaurant    Coffee Shop     Fast Food Restaurant   Prayer Room    ATM Bank     Telephone  

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