Delshad is an Iraqi Kurdish man who lives and works in England as a barber. He has recently had a hair transplant in Iran.

His decision to come to Iran came after he researched for a hair transplant in a country other than England, where the cost is really high.

After searching through the internet, he found AriaMedTour website and read it thoroughly to find information. He contacted the company and asked for further details. He was provided with free consultation regarding his hair transplant, including suitable method, procedure and cost, which were enough to persuade him to come to the Iran for a hair transplant.

Delshad’s travel to Iran was soon arranged by AriaMedTour as well as his hair transplant procedure. As soon as he arrived at the airport in Iran, he was picked up by a tour guide and interpreter sent by AriaMedTour.

During his stay in Iran, Delshad had his hair transplant done successfully and visited many places in Tehran, with the help of AriaMedTour staff. He had good time going out to Iranian restaurants, coffee shops, parks, and bazaars.

He came to the company headquarters to thank the staff for their guidance and support. He also had an interview there talking about his great experience in Iran and the services he received by AriaMedTour and the hospital he was treated at.

hair transplantTehran

Delshad and AriaMedTour staff posing for a photograph

Hair transplant in Iran

Iran is considered one of the best places for undergoing a hair transplant procedure. Armed with considerable skill and experience, Iranian hair doctors are highly qualified in hair transplant. They make use of the latest technologies and facilities to offer highly delicate and skillful hair transplant surgeries. Not only is the quality of hair transplant treatments outstanding, the affordability of the procedures is also attractive. Economic factors coupled with high demand for cosmetic treatments in Iran are both contributing to the low cost of such procedures including hair transplant.

Iran is now becoming a favorite destination for foreign people seeking various kinds of cosmetic surgeries, attracting thousands of patients annually. The Iranian government has plans to boost the health tourism sector by encouraging new investments.

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