Ghasr Hotel of Mashhad 

Ghasr International Hotel of Mashhad is close to the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza. It is build up in one of the most beautiful streets of Mashhad, in the center of the city.

In addition to the all the amenities of the hotel itself, there are also many more restaurants, theaters, shops, etc. One can find a very suitable access to other places.

Ghasr International Hotel has 219 rooms equipped with a number of suites and apartments. All are equipped with the latest international standards.

Toos Hotel of Mashhad 

At the beginning, the process of Toos commercial and residential complex was only a one-star hotel located in Mallek’s alley. After years of renewal of the lands around the holy shrine which is carried out by the municipality, regarding its policy, lands with small areas were selected and delivered in the form of thousand-meter projects to companies or individuals which qualified to contract with. The surrounding lands were then purchased by (small) Toos hotel property owners and the process of building Toos hotel commercial and residential complex started.

Toos commercial and residential complex was built by the engineering firm Mashhadpey and its commercial complex opened in three separate floors with 120 shops in the year 2008.