Many people suffering from overweight or obesity are looking for an effective way to get rid of their unwanted fat in a short time. As the more excess weight a person gains, the more difficult it becomes to lose weight by exercise or diet, people are showing more willingness to have a weight loss surgery. In this testimonial video, a man speaks about a bariatric surgery in Iran experience, which was arranged by AriaMedTour for his wife who was suffering from morbid obesity.

Coming from the Netherlands, Omid and his wife Mawaddah had initially wanted to get a liposuction done because she had a wound in the stomach which they feared might make the surgery risky. But after a thorough check-up and examination by the specialist in Iran, it came out that the wound wouldn’t be a hinder to a bariatric surgery, and by analyzing her BMI and health condition, the doctor recommended a gastric sleeve surgery as the best method for her.

Mawaddah had her weight loss surgery successfully done in one of the best hospitals in Tehran with one of the best bariatric surgeons in Iran. After they stayed in the hospital for two nights where she was taken care of for post-operative recovery, they visited AriaMedTour to thank the company for their support during the whole process of their medical trip.

As you can see in the video, Omid is very satisfied with the experience they had in Iran. He is speaking in Kurdish because he is originally from Kurdistan Region of Iraq. As they also know Arabic (Mawaddah is of Libyan descent), an Arabic speaking interpreter of AriaMedTour was assigned to them to be with them from the time they arrived at the airport until they departed the airport. They are currently living in the Netherlands.

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