Alexandra advises you not to overthink getting a nose job in Iran

Culture, history, rugs, and pomegranates are no longer the only depictions of Iran. There is an aspect to Iran that is less commonly known; its superb healthcare services offered at decent prices.

Every year, thousands of cross-border patients travel to Iran to get a nose job. These foreign patients travel from developing countries such as Iraq as well as developed countries like Australia. Alexandra, an Australian girl, was one of the many international patients. She decided to undergo her rhinoplasty in Iran and through AriaMedTour. Here is how she winded up as one of our patients:

Why Iran?

For the adventurer sort of travelers, Iran is eventually a must-see destination. No matter how unsafe and unstable the media portrays it, the country never ceases to amaze those seeking an experience in the heart of the middle east similar to the one thousand and one night. Similarly, Alexandra had long had Iran on her travel bucket list.

“Australia is only a couple of hundred years old, whereas Iran has thousands of years of history. The spirit of the ancient Persian can still be felt in its cities.”

Having heard that Iran is an underrated hub for medical and cosmetic procedures, Alexandra had no dilemma figuring out where to undergo her nose job. She wished to travel to Iran. She also had always wanted to get her nose reshaped. By having rhinoplasty surgery in Iran, she could kill two birds with one stone. But first, she needed to do thorough research.

Why AriaMedTour?

After some research on Google and reading a few reviews on TripAdvisor, Alexandra made up her mind that the only way to guarantee satisfactory results and minimal complications was by having a medical tourism facilitation agency take care of the inconvenience of the trip. It was only a matter of finding a reliable company.

We are grateful for our previous patients who took their time to submit their positive experiences on Google, TripAdvisor, RealSelf and so on. As she explains in her video testimonial, these reviews as well as this video from Cecilia helped Alexandra to make a decision. AriaMedTour struck her as a very trustworthy agency that could handle her trip planning as well as making sure the procedure will go as smoothly as possible.

From the very first moment she contacted AriaMedTour healthcare experts, they consulted her about her each and every requirement. Soon, she was ready to get a nose reshaping surgery in Iran.

Alexandra’s nose job journey in Iran

Alexandra could concentrate on the surgery alone since everything else related to her travel was taken care of by AriaMedTour.

Once Alexandra set foot in the airport, she was received by an interpreter who was to accompany her during her entire journey. The team that was assigned to her was with her before, during, and after the surgery. They also showed her around the city.

Alexandra’s many travels have gifted her with an open-minded perception. Meaning, there is nothing negative about her image of Iran. However, this cannot be applied to everyone back home. In Australia (like many countries in the world), the media has portrayed a scary image of Iran, holding people back from exploring the country on their own. But Alexandra believes “Iran is the nicest place; it is an amazing country that is as safe as any other country in the world.”

Alexandra’s nose job experience went pretty well. She left Iran knowing she will come back someday to explore it better.

If you are unsure about your decision to travel to Iran as a health tourist, just follow her lead. Here is what Alexandra has to tell you:

“If you want to go anywhere in the world to get a nose job, you need to go with Aria in Iran. Just do it, don’t think twice; I wish I had done it earlier. They are absolutely perfect. I’ve never felt so happy and comfortable in my life. Now I can take sideway selfies. Thank you, Aria.”

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Alexandra in Iran!

Australian patients in Iran


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