Nose surgery in Iran – Emily from Australia tells why she chose Iran for her surgery!

Having seen over 36 countries, Emily didn’t have a second thought about getting her nose job abroad in the capital of rhinoplasty; even if it meant she had to travel to a Middle Eastern country.

“I am very happy I chose to come here, I would recommend to anyone thinking about getting cosmetic surgery to come to Iran and go through to AriaMedTour! You won’t regret it.”

A 24-year-old travel enthusiast, Emily Rooke didn’t need much convincing to have her nose surgery done abroad. Going overseas for cosmetic surgery is more than how cost-effective it is. When you get to pick a country for your procedure, you can pick one that is most renowned for the procedure you are after. With that in mind, Emily took her time to find the most reliable destination for her rhinoplasty. The world is Emily’s oyster and once she made up her mind to change her nose shape, she wanted to have it done under the right hands.

Emily’s attempt to find the best country for nose job

There are a handful of countries in which you can get a nose job both professionally and at a reasonable price. Emily figured countries like Turkey, Thailand, and Iran are probably the most affordable options out there. But she also knew that although you can save a lot with medical tourism, there are always some risks. Even an adventurer like Emily was not willing to throw caution to the wind and get on a plane to an unknown country for a surgical operation. Hence, she needed to evaluate her options carefully.

Emily’s thorough research led her to come across AriaMedTour’s website. She compared prices, looked through our rhinoplasty packages, and watched video testimonials. She knew Iran is renowned as the rhinoplasty capital of the world and the satisfaction of our previous patients was further proof that Iran is the best country to get a nose job in. Knowing AriaMedTour could help her with each and every step of getting a nose job abroad, she decided to contact us.

At first I was nervous about coming from Australia to Iran for my rhinoplasty by myself but I never felt alone at all. I can’t even begin to explain how fantastic my translator and AriaMedTour has been in the whole experience; I never once felt alone.”

Emily consulted with one of our medical experts and immediately felt safe and heard. When she described the precise shape and size she was after and sent a picture of her nose, the consultant recommended a surgeon whose experience matched with Emily’s requirements. Eventually, she chose a rhinoplasty package that was both budget-friendly and fitting for her surgical needs.

Emily was very happy to know that her entire trip can be planned for her in advance. She didn’t have to worry about setting the date for her medical appointment herself or go through the visa acquisition process. It was also a relief for her to know that she won’t be alone during her journey. An on-call healthcare expert was available before, during, and after her surgery. She also had her own interpreter accompanying her during the trip.

Emily’s nose job journey in Iran

In one of the hot days of June, Emily arrived at the Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport. She was received by an interpreter who was to accompany her during the journey. As opposed to what the media had portrayed, Emily felt extremely safe walking around the city.

“I’ve heard stuff from the media; but, the moment I came here, I found Iran is the safest place in the world.”

After a day, it was time to visit her doctor. During the appointment, she discussed her expectations and was relieved to find that her nose type is in the surgeon’s expertise. She was told that her “hump” could easily be removed without leaving her nose looking unnatural. Before fixing the date of the surgery, she had to go through several tests.

Tests and medical examinations are an important part of the procedure. The test results determine whether the patient is all set to undergo rhinoplasty surgery or not. Emily was impressed with how these precautions were taken seriously and felt even more confident that she was under safe hands.

On the day on the surgery, Emily and her interpreter showed up at the hospital. Erfan Niyayesh Hospital and its “lovely staff” were better than what Emily expected. She was impressed with the cleanliness and modern facilities of the hospital. In her testimonial video, she even went on to say: “The hospital I was in was cleaner and safer than Australian hospitals.”

As soon as Emily’s surgery was over, she found her interpreter waiting for her. During her recovery, AriaMedTour’s healthcare team checked up on her regularly. In a couple of days, she was recovered enough to come and visit our team in our office in Tehran. Seeing her smile, we could definitely say how happy she was with the results. Of course, the traveler Emily couldn’t leave Iran without going sight-seeing first. So, AriaMedTour provided her with a tour of Tehran including the Grand Bazaar and local restaurants.

As Emily was leaving Iran, she repeatedly said she would definitely come back to Iran. The hospitality, kindness, and compassion of Iranians along with the delicious food made her fall in love with the country.

Emily is currently on a tour of Europe enjoying her new look and feeling perfect in her own skin.

This is our mission to help people see the real Iran throughout their journey. Once you choose AriaMedTour for your medical and cosmetic procedures, you will receive an experience beyond a mere treatment.

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