German girl and nose job experience in Tehran – photos

Sebahat, a 27-year-old German girl had 5 nose surgeries in her country before deciding to find a good Iranian rhinoplasty surgeon to help her gain her ideal nose. She had heard about the reputation Iran has in the field of nose surgery.

Having a fleshy nose, Sebahat liked her nose to be much smaller. Therefore, she tried in vain multiple surgeries to fulfill her dream. After being let down by German plastic surgeons, Sebahat decided to try her luck in Iran, the ‘nose capital of the world’.

The young girl soon started to search for a good surgeon in Iran. She googled some terms and finally found AriaMedTour medical tourism facilitator.

After contacting the company and receiving required information, the German girl asked for an arrangement of a rhinoplasty by one of the best surgeons in Tehran. She traveled to Iran and went under the knife. AriaMedTour handled all the affairs related to her accommodation, surgery, travel, etc., so she had no problems while on her journey to a foreign country.

As a routine procedure, AriaMedTour provides the patients with private transfer services and airport pick-up and drop-off. Thus, Sebahat’s transportation from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the hospital and vice versa was very smooth and hassle-free.

Furthermore, she stayed in a good hotel, booked for her by AriaMedTour, regularly being visited by her interpreter who did so to make sure there wasn’t any problem and whether she needed something or wanted to go somewhere.

The rhinoplasty patient is currently receiving online follow-up consultation. All patients who come to Iran for medical and cosmetic procedures are provided with post-operative consultation and follow-up. They can continue their contact with the consultants of the company in case they have any questions during the recovery period.

Read the full story of Sebahat’s rhinoplasty experience in Iran and watch the testimonial video.

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