Shiraz is center of the flowers, wine, nightingales, literature, and history as the representative of the Persian culture. Shiraz is proud of the most distinguished and inspired poets whose mystical work broach the enchantment of divine inspiration. Khwāja Ḥāfeẓ-e Shīrāzī and Saadi Shirazi are the most brilliant and preeminent poets in the world of literature.
The hospitable behaviors of the aboriginal people of Shiraz attract the foreigners. Shiraz is famous for his gardens. The most famous one is Bagh-e Eram, which was in fact a royal villa palace set in the beautifully landscaped grounds. This Bagh holds in itself a famous reflecting pool decorated by palm trees. Some of the world famous historic and tourist attractions you cannot afford to miss during your stay include Shah-e-Cheragh Shrine, Vakil Bazaar for quality souvenirs and of course the Persepolis, the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire.

But Shiraz is not just a city of poets and gardens. Being located in south of Iran, Shiraz boasts some of the highly equipped and modern hospitals in the country. Shiraz Institute for Cancer Research, in Shiraz School of medicine main campus at Zand Avenue is the nation’s first comprehensive center which investigates both immunological and biological aspects of cancer.

The Central Hospital of Shiraz, one of the most prominent medical centers, located south of Iran with up-to -date and established operation rooms, is available to provide patients with all kinds of surgery operations such as Neurosurgery, Open Heart, Eye, Orthopedics, OB & GYN, General, Cosmetic, ENT, and Urology surgeries. Aside from the expert and experienced medical teams, hospitals of Shiraz are highly equipped with all the necessary and modern equipment such as CUSA and Sonoca operation sets used for brain tumor surgeries, Gama probe operation system for diagnosis of cancer tumors, Radio Surgery operation system for ENT surgeries, neurosurgery and orthopedics surgeries, Microscope for neurosurgery, ophthalmology (eye), and many more.

In Shiraz, one can easily find all kits with high quality of medical care such as cosmetic surgery, hip replacement, and bariatric surgery, or essential and special treatments such as chemotherapy for cancer, major and minor surgeries and dental cares with low medical expenses and high quality of medical services. The clinics and hospitals of Shiraz, with many beds and some of the best evaluation positions nationwide are ready to accommodate patients with skillful doctors and health care organization management standards.

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