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Born out of the former Ebnesina clinic in June 2007, Ebnesina Hospital, (named after Avicenna or Ibn Sina, the great Iranian polymath and physician of the 10th century,) is located in Sadeghieh district in the west of Tehran; (Ebnesian clinic was itself established in 1973). At the time of unpaved streets in Tehran, the residents of the neighborhood used to trust in one name only when they had medical problems, and that was “Ebnesina”.Despite the construction of a dozen medical centers within the same area over the past few decades, Ebnesian Hospital is still the most reputable medical center, giving services to more than 1000 patients per day.Today, after the passage of more than 11 years from the conversion of Ebnesina clinic to Ebnesina Hospital, the center has enhanced its capabilities and facilities to offer more professional and up-to-date medical services and complicated surgeries.Ebnesina Hospital boasts a host of experienced staff and medical doctors as well as the latest medical equipment based on the international standards that are utilized to offer the best and most affordable services to patients.The International Patients Department (IPD) of Ebnesina Hospital is specially equipped for admitting foreign patients in accordance with the medical tourism rules and regulations of the Ministry of Health of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


• Day Care

• G Surgery

• 24/7 Emergency


• OB/Gyny

• Internal

• Operating rooms

• Endoscopy

• Pathology lab

• CT Scan


• Radiology


• Drug Store

• Greenspace

• Supermarket

• Parking lot

• Taxi service

• High-speed internet service

• Impatient rooms with : TV, minibar,microwave, tea maker

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