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By growing demand for medical tourism in all around the world, the strategies and policy of these companies have always been an issue for people seeking treatments abroad. medical tourism is now days mentioned as an organized travel of a patient who seek healthcare and medical treatments in other countries for different reasons as the most common one is the enhancement of ones individual health using the most modern medical facilities but with more reasonable prices . medical tourism policy is for sure an attempt to promote health care services also on the other hand , its each patients right to know the policy of a medical tourism company so that they can ensure their trust towards them.

Money saving
Medical tourism provides opportunity for people to seek healthcare outside of their own country due to lack of access and/or affordability. The Affordable Care has been put in place to decrease inefficiencies and decrease overall costs for international patients.
Each Individual have reasons for their desire to travel overseas to seek medical treatments. The two common ones are long waiting lists and high costs of medical treatments that cause patients to go abroad. Other reasons are probably the procedure legality, availability of complementary and alternative medicine .over the past 20 years, privatization and marketization of healthcare systems have increased broadly in developing countries including Iran. Iran medical services provide high qualified services alongside with reasonable and low prices in comparison with developed countries. AriaMedtour provides international service according to your budget from choosing the proper doctor and treatment to find a proper accommodation in your favorite city . it is becoming more popular as individuals everyday are realizing how much money they can save by using medical tourism.

Time saving
For Avoiding high prices, long waiting lists in clinics , avoiding waiting so much in airport for a pick up and transfer or buying tickets for returning to your country we have provided services to cover all these issues and promote every possible detail according to your treatments.

Patients rights
-All records are handled with utmost attention to patient data security and confidentiality.
-Personal information submitted to us through your preferred connection are highly secured (the photos each patient sent will directly hand over to our coordinator whom she has the personal contact with each patient ) also any personal information you sent us is highly secured in your own personal folder.

Insurance and guarantee
-from the very first step a patient comes to Iran we provide them the insurance and this insurance supports all kinds of incidence (medical and non-medical ones) till the last day of the patient’s accommodation in Iran.
in case there is any medical malpractice, treatment will be repeated and further expenses including accommodation and ticket expenses will also be covered by AriaMedTour but this doesn’t mean change of taste or style especially in cosmetic surgeries includes in guarantee.

Hospitals and clinics
We have did our best to collect the most modern and high-tech hospitals and clinics also dedicated to medical tourism. All the hospitals and clinics we directly connect for the medical services regarding to medical tourism treatments. almost all of our hospitals gained the ISO (international organization for standardization) and have affiliations with western medical groups and facilities.

Senior physicians of modern medicine in Iran play a key role in shaping medical tourism policies. International Board-certificated English –speaking Doctors and also highly specialized and skilled medical staff has always been our aim to follow. We are proud to say our doctors have mostly international memberships in medical associations such as American medical association , American ophthalmology association (AOA) , American Academy of Facial plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, American association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, International Association of Knee Surgery Arthroscopy and Sports Damage (ISAKOS), (ESSKA), (ISKAST), European Society of Cancer (ESMO) American Cancer Society (ASCO), Society of Laparoscopic Surgeons of America.

Patients safety
To ensure safety and consistency of the patients, the majority of hospitals used for medical tourism in Iran have gone through several medical evaluations with global standards and AriaMedtour did the best to find and collect the most equipped and modern hospitals and clinics with best quality facilities. On the other hand our team provides the best care of the patients since the very first beginning they travel to Iran.

Follow up care
After doing each kind of medical treatment, we won’t leave our patients. they can contact their doctor from the country they live in easily and ask their questions directly from their doctor.