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Imam Hossein hospital-hotel is among the oldest hospitals in Iran, consisting of different wards. The hospital includes more than 100 faculty members as well as prominent physicians and prominent specialists who are ready to provide medical and therapeutic services to all patients in four divided clinics such as central clinic, psychiatric clinic, oncology clinic, eye care clinic

Advantages of Imam Hossein hospital:

-Holds the ISO 9001 certificate of quality management and also a high degree evaluation of all insurance contracts.

-Received a baby friendly award and also acquired the First place in the adaptation with the HIS Web in the country since 2002.

– Equipped with bed management system for more comfortable accommodation of the patients.

-Equipped with Electronic system of informing patients on cellphones using Bluetooth

-supplying all the medical and consuming equipment of patients.


• Internal

• General Surgery

• 24/7 Emergency


• Neurosurgery

• Dialysis

• Cardiology

• Holter Echocardiography

• Holter Monitoring

• Gynecology/Obstetrics Surgery

• Pediatrics

• Ophthalmology and Eye Surgery

• Orthopedics

• Radiotherapy

• Neurology

• Psychiatry

•Infectious Diseases


• Angiography

• Vascular Surgery

• Maternity Wards as well as Para Clinical Wards


• Restaurant

• Coffee shop

•Drug Store

• Taxi service

• Kindergarten

• Accommodation

• Parking lot

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