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At the time of poorly-equipped hospitals with bare operating theaters and anesthesia machines that were carried from hospital to hospital in1970s, Jam Hospital was founded by a group of mostly US-educated doctors in 1971 to become one of the most modern medical centers in Tehran, enjoying 3 advanced operating theaters and equipped with the most sophisticated radiology and cardiology devices at that time. Jam was also the first private hospital equipped with a radioisotope machine that made it possible for diagnosis of thyroid diseases in Iran.Shortly afterwards, a number of other well-known physicians of Tehran joined the nucleus of Jam Hospital’s medical staff to serve in a new well-equipped environment, thereby bringing a considerable fame for the hospital. The founding fathers of Jam Hospital held a firm belief that treating a person’s pain is a sacred deed, thus they tried to be very kind and gentle with patients. Today, the doctors of Jam Hospital are proud to follow in the footsteps of the founders of the hospital and hold onto the values set forth by them.
In line with its agenda to provide world-class medical services to foreign patients, Jam Hospital opened its International Patients Department (IPD), which is aimed at facilitating the admission of and providing quality services to patients that come from foreign countries.


• ICU General, ICU OH, NICU, CCU

• Emergency

• Physiotherapy

• Radiology & Sonography

• CT Scan

• General Surgery

• Plastic and Beauty Surgery

• Orthopedic and Arteroscopy Surgeries

• Cardiology Emergency

• Oncology

• Gynecology/Obstetrics Surgery

• Laparoscopic Surgery

• Neurology and Neurosurgery

• Pulmonary Surgery

• Vascular Surgery

• Urological Surgery and Internal Removal of Renal Calculi

• Ophthalmology and Eye Surgery

• ENT Surgery

Pediatric Surgery

• Open Heart Surgery

• Dialysis

• Nuclear Medicine

• Dentistry

• Pharmacy

• Laboratory

• Angiography (CathLab) and Angioplasty

• Primary PTCA

• Holter Echocardiography

• Chemotherapy

• Specialty Clinics 

• Post Cath

• In-patient Wards


• VIP rooms

• High-speed Internet

• Coffee shop

• Short distance to currency exchange office

• Supermarket

• Parking lot

• Taxi service

• Laundry and dry cleaning service

• Medical consultation

• Off-menu meal order accepted

• Short distant to luxury hotels

• VIP impatient rooms

• Issuing medical summery reports and bills in English when checking out

• English-, Arabic-, and Turkish-speaking nurses and employees

• Payment in dollars accepted

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