Rahil Dental Clinic

Rahil Dental Clinic is a dental clinic in Tehran offering professional dental treatments including orthodontics, implants, and cosmetic dental procedures.

Dentistry is a very specialized and complex profession that in addition to modern and up-to-date equipment, requires a professional team of the best dentists. Opened in 1990 in the north of Tehran, the main goal of Rahil Clinic is to provide specialized treatments at the highest level and put satisfaction and ethics for customers high on the list of its priorities.

For this purpose, a professional team with an experienced staff of skilled dentists specializing in all fields of dentistry, including, orthodontics, veneering, implants, dental surgeries, prostheses, pediatric dentistry, etc. as well as the most up-to-date equipment has been employed to provide the best quality services to local and international patients.

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• Dental bonding

• Dental implants

• Dentures

• Dialysis

• Teeth whitening

• Composite veneers

• Porcelain veneers

• Full-mouth restoration

• Orthodontics

• Preventive dental hygiene

• Amalgam

• Crooked teeth fixing

• Zirconium crown

• Medical consultation

• VIP services


• VIP rooms

• Parking lot

• Taxi service

• VIP in-patient rooms

• English and Arabic speaking employees

• Payment in dollars accepted

• Short distance to currency exchange office

• Short distance to luxury hotels

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