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Established in year 2014, “shomal e Amol” hospital with 150 beds is among the private hospitals employing high-tech medical devices and facilities. Amol Medical Group (a private joint-stock company) was founded as a mother company with its affiliated companies including, Dey aria clinic, Caspian medical Tourism Company, Yazan Saze Haraz Company, with the aim of providing preventive, therapeutic and rehabilitation services with the best quality and employing international standards to fellow countrymen and also those who seek medical tourism services abroad.
“Shomal e Amol” hospital recently has been active in medical tourism affairs and is dedicated to International abroad medical demands which indicates the important role in serving the international patients from all around the world.
full-time available interpreters in English, French, Arabic, Russian, Turkish is a distinguished feature of this hospital.
Also transportation of patients from airport to hospital and vice versa is one of the main services of this hospital. For the sake of patients comfort, “Shomal e Amol” hospital accepts international health insurance.


• General Operating Room

• Maternity Ward



• Heart Surgery

• Angiography



• Post-CCU

• Pediatric

• Internal Surgery

• Laboratory

• Imaging Center

• Endoscopy

• Physiotherapy

• Cath Lab


• Restaurants

• Cafe

• Grocery Store

• Cosmetics and Health Products

• Free High Speed Internet

• Parking Lot

• Bank

• Suburban and Intercity Communication Services

• Amphitheater

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