Yasrebi Hospital

Yasrebi Hospital is a modern hospital in Kashan, central Iran. It is owned and operated by Kashan Moheb Company.

This hospital prides itself on the expertise of 157 doctors, more than 300 nurses and support staff, and the high quality of services.

Yasrebi Hospital has obtained the first-degree Certificate of Accreditation from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and also has a special department named the International Patients Department (IPD) that aims to facilitate the admission process of foreign patients and provide them with special services.

The department enjoys modern equipment and trained medical doctors and staff, and acts as a bridge between foreign patients and other departments of the hospital.

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24/7 Services

• Radiotherapy

• Brachytherapy

• Chemotherapy

• Dialysis




• Radiology

• Cardiology

• Open heart operating rooms

• CAT-LAB, angiography, angioplasty

• Laboratory

• Orthopedics

• Urology

• Gynecology

• Reconstructive and cosmetic surgery


• VIP rooms

• High-speed Internet

• Coffee shop

• Short distance to currency exchange office

• Short distance to luxury hotels

• Supermarket

• Parking lot

• Taxi service

• Laundry and dry cleaning service available

• Medical consultation

• Off-menu meal order accepted

• Short distant to luxury hotels

• VIP impatient rooms

• English and Arabic speaking nurses and employees

• Payment in dollars accepted

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