Question 20:

Why dental procedures cost less in Iran according to other countries?


Dental procedures Prices in Iran are significantly lower than those in US, UK, Australia etc. The reason is that the cost of living, taxes dedicated to dental clinics and hospitals and staff wages are lower in comparison with other countries. Therefore we offer you the best materials (Germany, Switzerland, USA, etc) along with the best service of our skilled and and well-experienced dentists for your dental issues with much lower prices but most high quality services possible.

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Question 19:

How can I manage my phobia of going to the dentist?


Always talking about your phobias will work. You can talk to us about your phobias. Most of our patients will be informed about the procedure they undergo and all the questions will be answered. Dental phobia is a common condition and we are proud to say that our staff are highly experienced in dealing with stressed patients.

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Question 18:

How safe are the Iranian dentists?


Iranian dentists are all board certificate and highly qualified Our dentists have approximately more than 12-15 years of experience in dental procedures all accredited by Iran university of medical sciences and most certificated by abroad / global medical associations. So you can fully trust and get professionals dental services for much lower prices than your country in Iran.

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Question 17:

How long does the hair transplant procedure take and how much hair is implanted in each session?


Generally in one session up to two sessions (maximum) this procedure takes time. In each session depending on the method (micro surgery =FUT ,non-surgery =FIT) between 5000 up to 10000 hair graphs will be transplanted.

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Question 16:

Question: Is it possible if new transplanted hair to fall?


Not at all. Fortunately new transplanted hair will be selected from the hair bank on the back of your head which is resistant to the effects of male hormones (androgen) and when transplanted to low and weak areas will not fall at all. In fact, these hair will grown naturally for the rest of your life. The transplanted hair will not need any further medical care.

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Question 15:

How long does a hair transplant procedure take?


Basically a hair transplant procedure will take a morning to afternoon. depending on the method you prefer this would be a bit less or more. But you have to consider the next day after surgery you have to visit the doctor again for the bandage and following advices such as consulting the things to do and not to do.

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Question 14:

will I need additional surgery after my weight loss surgery?


Most of people losing weight in large amount for enhancing their look and beauty of their skin may need additional plastic surgeries on their abdomen which is totally optional.

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Question 13:

How long should I have to be off work after weight loss surgery?


Most patients return to work after a week. You may have lack of energy for the first week but there is nothing to be worried about. By consulting with your doctor you can find solutions to reduce the post-surgeries discomfort. After one week you can back to your work.

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Question 12:

How long does it take to do a gastric sleeve surgery?


The gastric sleeve Surgery takes around 2 hours to perform. The patients may leave the hospital one or two days after the surgery and abroad patients can go back to their country after 4 days of stay.

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Question 11:

Am I allowed to do physical activity after gastric sleeve surgery?


You can easily do your routine activity after a week and also light activities such as walking (not jogging and running )is also allowed.Heavy activities such as weight lifting, body building is not allowed for a month and half after the surgery.

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Question 10:

when should I return to work after hair transplant?


You can return to your daily activities and work within 2-3 days after the surgery. You have to consider that you should stop bodybuilding, weight lifting or any other sweating workouts for two weeks . and also you should Wait for one month for going swimming or playing volleyball ,basketball, soccer, football, tennis,etc.

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Question 9:

What kind of anesthesia is more proper during the cosmetic surgeries?


There are three kinds of anesthesia used indifferent surgeries: general anesthesia (the one you are put to sleep), local anesthesia (in which you are numbed on the specific surgical site), and the last one which is IV sedation or twilight anesthesia (in which your level of consciousness is altered). Each type has advantaged and disadvantages but to undergo the proper anesthesia you have to consult your doctor because he/she knows better which one suits you best according to your body condition and the type of surgery you want to undergo.

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Question 8:

Can I see before and after photos of your previous patients for cosmetic procedures?


In each procedure regarded as hair transplant, Rhinoplasty, weight loss surgeries and etc. we present before and after photos for international and abroad patients from several doctors so that they can decide for themselves which model they prefer and also to compare their case with the previous ones. In this way they can easily decide which doctor is more suitable for them and which method of cosmetic surgery they prefer.

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Question 7:

Should I Have an Open or Closed Rhinoplasty? Which one is better?


Basically both methods are used but generally surgeons preference is to use the open approach in primary and revision rhinoplasty if tip of the nose needs reconstruction wholly . The open approach allows surgeons to visualize these tip (lower lateral) cartilages directly and in a undistorted way while working on them. But If the patient desires the removal of a hump or other work on the upper part of the nose, then a closed rhinoplasty surgery is preferable.
To sum it up, you should let your surgeon decide what kind of surgery is the proper one for you. Each surgeon’s experience and medical background is different and therefore the method being used by them will be different for sure.

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Question 6:

Do I Have to Pay for Revision Rhinoplasty after the primary one was a medical malfunction?


Basically less than 1 percent of our patients needs the secondary rhinoplasty in case of a medical malfunction (either doctor or clinic). Despite employing the high skilled and most experienced doctors in Iran, in case of a need for revision , all treatment costs will be free.

Keywords: Revision Rhinoplasty

Question 5:

When to re-start skin care after rhinoplasty? Should patients typically wait longer so the cast comes off?


Generally its better to talk with your surgeon and discuss the issue with them about your current skin care they will inform you what to do and not to do . just try to avoid strong exfoliants on your nose for 2-3 weeks and be careful with sudden rub on your nose .

Keywords: Rhinoplasty, Nose job, skin care

Question 4:

Is exercising OK after the rhinoplasty or not?


After the Rhinoplasty surgery, the most common problem you might experience is a slight nose-bleed and also more swelling. For reducing this problem you should avoid heavy exercises such as weight lifting, jogging, running , body building , diving and etc for at least a month to reduce the post-surgical problems.

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Question 3:

How long should I stay in Iran after Rhinoplasty surgery?


After checking in the clinic and visiting the doctor the next day you will get ready to undergo the surgery. six or seven days after the surgery your plaster will be removed and after a short break you can go back to your destination with no worries.

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Question 2:

How Long After Rhinoplasty Should i Wait to Get Revision?


As The nasal tip resolves slowly, the average time to do a revision surgery will be 6 up to 8 month after the previous one at least . this allows the swelling to go down and the tissues will soften. As the secondary Rhinoplasty is more difficult it requires an experienced Plastic Surgeon to fix it. So a highly skilled doctor is an important matter.

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Question 1:

What’s the ideal age for a rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)?


Generally speaking The ideal age for doing the Rhinoplasty surgery for men is 17 and for women is 15. The bony and soft tissue structure of the face when coming to this age is fully matured so the later teens would be a great starting time to do such surgeries. On the other hand , nasal septum has developed fully during facial growth in this age which allows the proper growth of the midface and nasal structures.
The Rhinoplasty surgery is best performed once an individual has hit puberty and also should not be performed before a major growth spurt.

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