Ear surgery package in Tehran

Otoplasty full package in Tehran, Iran

ear surgery pakage type A
Otoplasty Package (Type A): $1590
ear surgery pakage type B
Otoplasty Package (Type B): $1690
ear surgery pakage type C
Otoplasty Package (Type C): $1990

AriaMedtour Services included in the package:

Otoplasty (ear surgery): Clinic and doctor’s visits, medical tests and check-up, medical photography, ear correction surgery (otoplasty) in a modern hospital, post-operative care, recovery and follow-up

T-Visa (Treatment Visa): Visa authorization code (See all details about getting visa for Iran)

Transfer: Airport pick-up, transfer from hotel to clinic/hospital and vice versa and airport drop off

Other services: Welcome dinner, 24 hours on-call assistance, interpreter, SIM card and internet

5 star Hotel in Tehran (Espinas Palace)

3 star Hotel in Tehran (Varzesh Hotel)

See the details of your schedule after arriving in Iran

Day 1: Arrival at airport, guest will be received by guide; Pick-up and transfer to hotel; Checking into hotel; Transfer from hotel to clinic; Visiting doctor & medical consultation; Pre-op tests; Transfer from clinic to hotel; Welcome dinner

Day 2: Transfer from hotel to clinic; Preparations for procedure; Conversation between doctor & patient, reviewing the expectations; Performing of procedure;  Taking doctor’s instructions; Transfer to hotel

Day 3: Transfer to clinic for bandage removal if needed (maybe you would be told to remove it at home); Transfer from clinic to AriaMedTour’s office; AriaMedTour gives patient special gift; Transfer to airport and seeing-off; Start of permanent follow-up through communication channels

Learn how we provide services to patients

This exclusively-produced documentary shows a typical medical tour we arrange for our medical tourists. See the video to get an understanding of the services we provide to medical tourists in packages. All packages include the same services as shown in this video, except for the treatment itself.

Before and After Ear Surgery Photos in Iran

Otoplasty before and after photos can help you make your decision! Below you can see some before & after photos of our otoplasty patients.

Patients Video Testimonials

Patients Video Testimonials can help you make your decision! Below you can see some of our patients’ testimonial videos.

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