Eyelash Transplant
in Iran

Make your eyes more charming with long natural eyelashes.

Eyelash Transplant
in Iran

Make your eyes more charming with long natural eyelashes.

Eyelash Transplant in Iran: All You Need To know

Your eyes are the seat of your soul but also the focal point of your face. This has never been more true than now, in the COVID-19 era, which you have to wear a mask all the time! You need to express all your intents and emotions through your eyes without the help of your beautiful smile and facial expression. This puts more demand on the aesthetics of your eyes and nothing affects that like eyelashes! Of course, there are makeup and false lashes. You might even consider lash enhancers, lifts, and extensions. But eyelash transplant in Iran is the solution you are looking for!

In this article, we will provide you with everything you need to know about eyelash transplant in Iran so you can make an informed decision and have the fuller & longer lashes you have always dreamed of.

What is eyelash transplant surgery?

Eyelash transplant in Iran is a type of hair transplant surgery to create fuller and longer-looking eyelashes for those who have lost theirs completely or partially. It uses your hair follicles often taken from the back of your scalp and implants it in your eyelids. The procedure is performed by a board-certified surgeon for cosmetic purposes.

In the initial consultation, you will be given full details about the procedure including the advantages, risks, techniques, number of grafts per side, and costs. You will be asked about your medical history specifically any problem in the eye area. You should also ask all your questions and discuss your concerns with your doctor.

How is eyelash transplant performed?

The eyelash transplant in Iran starts with numbing your donating area and eyelids with local anesthesia so you won’t feel pain during the procedure. Then some hair follicles are harvested from the back of your head or in some cases legs to create new eyelashes. The number of grafts depends on the cause of your lash loss and the desired outcome. Then grafts are implanted one at a time into the line of the eyelids with natural alignment, curl, and functionality. It will take 2 to 4 hours for the whole process to complete and you will be going home soon afterward.

After the procedure, you will experience some discomfort such as swelling and bruising around your eyelids for a few days or a week which is normal but your scalp will recover sooner. The crusting will dissolve on its own in a few days too.

However, your new eyelash implants will shed within a week or two for a new line of lashes to grow in the next 4- 6 months. Because the hair shafts will go through natural shedding, resting, and growth phases just like the hair on your scalp. The final result will really be revealed after 12 months.

There are different eyelash transplant techniques for obtaining and transferring hair follicles:

  • They might be harvested by the ‘strip harvesting’ method which is also called follicular unit transplantation (FUT). A strip of hair-baring skin is removed from the posterior scalp in 0.4 to 0.6 inches (1 to 1.5 centimeters) size. The follicles will be collected from the strip using binocular Stereo-microscopes and inserted in microscopic punctures on your eyelids using micro blades or fine needles. The scar on your donating scalp will be hidden beneath your hair even at a short length.
  • The eyelash implants might also be obtained by removing each individual follicle in the follicular unit extraction (FUE) process or follicular isolation technique (FIT) in which punches of 0.6mm to 1.0mm in diameter are made on your donating area that does not leave a scar. The transplantation process is the same but overall, this technique is more time-consuming.

Like any other cosmetic surgery, the result of an eyelash transplant in Iran depends on the skills of your surgeon who must have mastery in both the art and science to deliver the intricacies of your desired result. It is also an extremely delicate procedure being performed close to eyes so the precise experience is a big factor in success. A board-certified ophthalmologist, dermatologist, or cosmetic surgeon with extensive experience in eyelash transplant is an ideal choice.

What are the instructions for post-operative eyelash transplant recovery?

Depending on your individual circumstances, you will be given personalized post-operative instructions by your surgeon which are critical in the success and re-growth of your lashes and also the prevention of complications. The instructions often include keeping the eyelids dry for 24 hours after which you can gently wash them without dislodging the implants. The donor area on your scalp should also stay dry for 24 hours.

You will be advised to protect your eyes from sun exposure for at least one week due to the higher sensitivity of your skin.

There will also be some restrictions such as not attending the sauna or the pool for a month after operation to avoid chlorine and chemical exposure. Makeup and contact lenses should also be avoided for a week after the operation while protective goggles, glasses, or sunglasses are recommended for the first week especially during sleep, to protect your new lashes.

What are the advantages and risks of eyelash transplant surgery?

Eyelash transplant in Iran has many advantages compared to other lash-enhancing alternatives, which make it the best permanent treatment for thinning eyelashes. They include:

  • Unlike temporary options, it delivers permanent results. After all, it is your hair growing naturally as it does on your scalp.
  • It creates a natural look because it is real hair.
  • It is cost-effective in the long-term considering that only one payment is made which unlike alternatives does not require touch-ups every 4-8 weeks.

But just like any other cosmetic procedure, it has risks too:

  • It is more invasive considering the surgical procedure.
  • It has a longer downtime because new shafts will grow slowly.
  • It has some mild post-surgery discomforts such as bleeding or potential infection.
  • It requires regular trimming and curling just because the hair taken from your scalp is designed to grow longer than eyelashes. So, you need to cut them every month to maintain the desired length.
  • There is the potential corneal scarring because the hair might grow in different directions and irritate your eyes.

How much does an eyelash transplant surgery cost?

Like other hair transplant treatments, the eyelash transplant cost in Iran might be based on the number of grafts or it might be a flat fee. But to give you a ballpark figure, an eyelash transplant in Iran costs anywhere from $800 to $1500 depending on different factors.

For more detailed information about eyelash transplantation prices in Iran, you can fill out our free quote form or send us a message on WhatsApp and one of our medical consultants will soon provide you will all the information.

Is eyelash transplant right for you?

Eyelash transplant in Iran is an ideal procedure for anyone who lacks sufficient eyelashes. People who have injuries due to traumas such as burns, avulsions, or tattooing infections are good candidates. People who have genetically short and stubby eyelashes can enjoy the result of this procedure.

Another group is trichotillomania patients who have compulsively plucked their lashes. However, they might consider this procedure after fully giving up their habit. Even lash loss due to Alopecia, medications such as chemotherapy, beauty routines, and natural causes can respond well to this effective procedure.

Regardless of the case, an eyelash transplant is a safe hair restoration surgery that can deliver permanent results. However, you are strongly advised to inform your doctor about any underlying medical conditions you have. Autoimmune conditions that cause lash loss, might not respond well to this treatment. You should also discuss any medication you are taking with your doctor because some drugs such as blood thinners might interfere with surgery.

In the end, it is your choice to undergo an eyelash transplant in Iran but fuller and longer eyelashes will be worth it!

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