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Thanks to the development of medical tourism, a face with no sign of aging is not a dream or a privilege of rich anymore. People are traveling to save their youth as well as their money. With effective surgeries and attractive prices, Iran has successfully occupied the plastic surgery space. Read on to find out why Iran is an ideal destination for a facelift, how the surgery is done, how much it costs, and the like.

Why Iran is an ideal destination for a facelift?

If you want to go for a face-lift, but haven’t decided where to have the surgery, pick up ‘Iran’ for four key reasons.

The affordable cost of facelift in Iran has allowed many men and women rejuvenate their tired-looking faces, something that they could never afford in their home countries. It’s not only the cost that is attractive but the medical care offered at this price is remarkable.

Beauty clinics and hospitals in major cities of Iran specializing in plastic surgery are no different than developed countries in terms of equipment and discipline. Plus, the considerable number of patients lined up to undergo or undergone, this facial surgery is a perfect proof of the safety and efficacy of the surgery in this country. A study on the cosmetic surgeries performed in Tehran ranks face-lift as the 4th popular cosmetic procedure among Iranian people.

Lastly, the high rate of success and safety in face lifting surgery is another compelling reason encouraging people to travel to the country with ease of mind.

Why Iranian plastic surgeons?

Iran has some of the finest plastic surgeons in the world. Iranian plastic surgeons are all board-certified. They have received training and fellowship from top medical universities and hospital colleges in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeries such as oral and maxillofacial surgery.

With a proven record of successful surgeries, Iranian surgeons. These surgeons put a lot of energy and time to identify the patients’ needs and preferences. This includes pre-operative surgeon-patient conversation and consultation, and post-operative care. They utilize an individualized approach for each patient to achieve the best possible results.

Facelift cost in Iran

Facelift in Iran costs around $2,200-$3,000, including all the related fees such as anesthesia, doctor’s visit, surgery fee, and the rest. If a simultaneous neck lift is desired, a fee of $200 will be added to the price of face surgery.

In the US, the price of this surgery ranges from $3,000 to $15,000 (or more). In the UK, this price starts from around $3,000 for a mini lift and rises up to $10,000 for a face and neck lift. As for Asian countries, the average cost for the surgery is around $3,500, $4,500, and $8,000 in India, Thailand, and UAE, respectively. Comparing the price of this surgery to other countries, Iran is the best option for a cost-effective facial rejuvenation surgery, without compromising on the quality and professional care that every patient deserves.

How is facelift surgery performed in Iran?

Face-lift or Rhytidectomy is typically done under general anesthesia. The procedure starts with a delicate incision along the hairline. The surgeon may go with different incisions according to the surgery goal. Usually, the incision starts from the temple, continues around the ear and ends in the lower scalp. However, when there’s a small amount of sagging skin, a shorter incision is made from the temple to around the ears (mini lift). If a neck lift surgery is also desired, the incision is continued from the earlobe to behind the ear. The surgeon repositions excess fat and tightens facial muscles. The skin is then lifted and stitched into place, and any excess skin is removed.

Generally, Iranian surgeons try to minimize the incision but maximize the lift. The surgeon performs the operation in a modern beauty clinic or private hospital using the latest technologies. The procedure takes around 1-2 hours, and it promises a recovery period of 1-2 weeks. Once healed, the scars will gradually fade away into the hairline and skin (in less than 1 year).

face lift incisions along the hairline

Different facelift incisions can be made from the temple to behind the ear according to the surgery goal.

Why AriaMedTour for your facelift?

Arranging a smooth medical trip to Iran sounds overwhelming, frustrating, and sometimes impossible at the first glance. Consider this: a patient from a western country wants to get plastic surgery done in the country. There’s a pool of Iranian surgeons, and various clinics and private hospitals, but there are also issues of finding the right surgeon, getting a visa, and communicating with the surgeon. We, at AriaMedTour, work closely with our patients to give them the convenience of traveling to Iran and connecting to top-rated Iranian surgeons without incurring extra costs. We provide professional services to patients from all over the world, including:

  • Free medical consultation and price quote
  • Travel logistic services like visa, flight, and in-country transportation
  • 24/7 interpreter
  • Five-star and three-star hotels
  • Pre-operative visit/consultation with the surgeon
  • Surgery arrangement
  • Follow-up
  • City sightseeing

Accordingly, patients can experience a hassle-free medical trip to the country.

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