Facial Feminization Surgery in Iran

Get a more feminine face and boost your confidence in Iran with our nimble-fingered aesthetic surgeons!

Facial Feminization Surgery in Iran

Get a more feminine face and boost your confidence in Iran with our nimble-fingered aesthetic surgeons!

Facial Feminization Surgery in Iran: All you need to know

The number of people who seek facial feminization surgery (FFS) has risen nearly 100% in the last ten years. While this is partly due to the increasing awareness of transgender people, it’s also related to the many non-transgender women who seek FFS. If you’re seeking facial feminization surgery in Iran, scroll down and read to the end to learn more about the procedure and/or contact us for more information.

Here we’ll discuss everything you need to know about facial feminization surgery. From the basics of what to expect in your journey towards a more feminine face to the ballpark cost. We’ll also cover some of the frequently asked questions we receive regarding this topic.

a woman before and after facial feminization surgery

a girl before and after facial feminization surgery

a woman before and after face feminization surgery

a woman before and after FFS

What is feminization surgery of the face?

Feminizing surgeries for the face are more commonly referred to as “facial feminization surgery”.

Some people may refer to it as FFS or “facial fem” (“femme”). They are all talking about the same thing. There are some nuances, but there isn’t anything too difficult to understand.

Facial feminization surgery (FFS) is a set of surgical procedures that will help make a face appear more feminine. FFS typically alters manlike facial features to bring them closer in shape and size to typical female facial features. This is normally achieved through:

  1. Lowering of brow bossing
  2. Re-contouring of the upper third of the face.
  3. Hairline lowering.
  4. All three of these procedures.

People getting this surgery find that their facial features are not as feminine as they are supposed to be. Generally, FFS involves making changes to the brow bone contour, as well as changing the shape of the forehead by removing or moving the hairline and changing the shape of the jaw to reduce its size.

The most commonly performed procedures include brow lift surgery, forehead reduction surgery (anterior skull advancement surgery), and forehead lift surgery. Surgeons also perform endoscopic brow bone reduction (EBR), upper eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), standard blepharoplasty (removing the eye bags), nose surgery (rhinoplasty), lip surgery, cheek implants, chin surgery, and jaw reduction surgery.

Facial Feminization Surgery for Females

Facial feminization surgery is composed of procedures that alter typically masculine facial features in females, so they appear more feminine. These surgical procedures aim to achieve a natural-looking, softer, and more balanced-looking facial contour for women. Surgeons do this by modifying the bone and soft tissue in the face when required.

Feminine facial characteristics are largely defined by smooth brows, round cheeks, a tapered chin, and a smaller jawline.

Facial Feminization Surgery for females includes the following procedures:

  • Brow lift,
  • Blepharoplasty, or upper eyelid lift,
  • Rhinoplasty (nose job),
  • Facial implants: chin augmentation,
  • Fat transfer to the cheeks,
  • Lip augmentation.

Brow lift surgery lifts the heavy, overhanging brow and tightens the forehead. This allows for a more open eye, fewer wrinkles on the upper eyelids, and fewer frown lines between your brows. Brow lift procedures involve the removal of some of the excess skin above the eyes and the securing of muscles at a higher level on the head.

Upper eyelid lift surgery adjusts the skin above your eyes, allowing for less hooded or tired-looking eyes, which are more open and youthful.

A nose job aims to reduce the size of a very large nose or change its shape — to narrow an excessively wide one, reshape cartilage that has collapsed due to injury, or reposition a very high bridge. Nose reshaping procedures also help those who have broken their nose.

The chin augmentation procedure adds projection to the chin, giving the lower face a more defined and feminine look.

Facial implants can give you well-defined cheekbones and soften angular jawlines by adding volume. This results in defined features and strong, balanced facial contours without looking masculine.

The lip augmentation procedure adds volume to the lips, making them fuller and more defined. One can get this done separately or with other facial feminization procedures such as a nose job or chin augmentation.

Is Facial Feminization Surgery Right for Me?

Suppose you are unhappy with your facial bone structure and want to make changes that will help you appear more feminine. In that case, FFS or a set of facial feminization procedures may be right for you.

Feminine facial surgery is not about getting yourself a new face. It’s about making the one you have attractive and symmetrical in a more female way. You will still look like yourself, but with softer features that are more associated with women. This surgery can also help you eliminate perceived gender flaws that have changed how you look or have been a source of unhappiness.

Who are candidates for facial feminization surgery?

As the face has both masculine and feminine features, feminization generally focuses on softening facial features. In general, the appearance of someone’s face determines their assumed gender more than their body. People who are unhappy with their faces due to perceived or actual facial masculinity may be candidates for feminization (by altering masculinizing features) or de-feminization (by removing some feminizing features).

Some people choose to have this surgery because they feel more comfortable selecting their features to accentuate. With feminization, you can avoid appearing too masculine and move more towards the middle of the spectrum between female and male.

The differences between men’s and women’s faces are quite superficial, but they can affect how others perceive gender through appearance. Feminization of the face makes it appear closer to an average woman than an average man and may even affect how others see your gender.

Is facial feminization surgery the same as sex reassignment surgery?

No, it is not part of the transition. However, it is more of a procedure that some people desire following the transition. They do it to make themselves appear more feminine.

However, feminization can be very helpful for those transitioning from male to female (MTF). It can also benefit those transitioning from female to male (FTM) who are undergoing hormone therapy that results in increased facial hair or want to reduce the size of their jaw or brow.

Facial feminization surgery is not part of the male-to-female transition; it is an elective procedure. It will not change your gender but may help you become more comfortable with your gender presentation.

 What can you expect after facial feminization surgery?

The overall symmetry of the face will improve dramatically in most cases, but it always depends on the starting point. Overall, face height and width are reduced. The brow bone becomes less prominent, the jawline is softened with a gentle chin implant if necessary. The lips become fuller with lip fillers or fat injections. The nose becomes smaller and better defined. The surgeon may also alter the eyebrows so that they are higher on the forehead, closer to where they should be according to your bone structure.

What about scars?

Many types of incisions can accompany feminization surgery, and they generally result in small scars that will fade over time. The location and size of the incision depend on what is being changed, and a plastic surgeon will discuss this with you before surgery. Small scars around the ears should fade over time.

How much does facial feminization surgery cost in Iran?

There are too many variables that contribute to the cost of facial feminization surgery in Iran, the most important of which are what you need to be done and who your surgeon is. Surgery can be performed in any combination or sequence. It could be a short programmer consisting only of some minor corrections, or it could also include very extensive procedures. All this has to be determined before a proper price estimate for feminization surgery can be given.

The price will depend on the degree of feminization you want, how extensive the surgery is, and who your surgeon is. However, for both FtM and MtF transsexuals, facial feminization surgery in Iran costs something between $2000 and $5000, depending on the procedures that need to be done on the face. You may send us a message for a rough estimate of the cost of facial feminization surgery in Iran and a free consultation.

What will happen during the surgery?

Depending on what needs to be changed, your surgeon will start by incising your natural skin crease around the mouth to access the bony area. The surgeon then reshapes the bone and contours your jawline to give it a more feminine appearance.

How much can be done with FFS?

Facial feminization usually involves multiple procedures that work together to create the result you are looking for. If you only want a slightly more feminine appearance, it’s important to understand that facial feminization surgery is not meant to drastically change your face (although this can also happen). The goal of facial feminization surgery is to soften masculine features and create a more feminine appearance.

What kind of anesthesia is being used for facial feminization surgery?

Local anesthesia is always used for facial feminization surgery. We also recommend intravenous sedation for most patients since it makes them feel better during recovery. Occasionally, all three (local anesthesia, intravenous sedation, and short-acting general anesthesia) are used together.

How long does facial feminization surgery take?

The surgery usually takes between 4-6 hours, from the induction of general anesthesia through final suturing, and the time needed varies from case to case.

How do people feel about their new faces?

Feminization surgery improves the way patients feel about themselves in many ways. This includes increased confidence, happiness, and comfort with their appearance. There are also positive social changes, such as going out in public and not being recognized as transgender. When appearing in public, they are treated better by others or feel comfortable going to a bar or club.

Is facial feminization surgery done in one session or separately?

Usually, surgeons prefer to concentrate on one problem at a time and do the whole procedure in stages. This allows much better results than doing multiple procedures in one surgery session.

Do people regret having facial feminization surgery?

There have been no significant regrets reported by patients who have undergone facial feminization surgery. However, it can’t be said that everyone feels this way; it depends on each case. There are no major regrets, but it does depend on the patient, and there can always be flaws in any surgery. So it’s important to weigh up all the pros and cons of FFS before the surgery by having a consultation with a plastic surgery specialist.

How long is recovery after facial feminization surgery?

The recovery will vary for each patient depending on the extent of the surgery and how their body reacts to it. Generally speaking, patients can expect bruises to be gone within 10 – 14 days. Swelling will be gradual and can take from 4 – 6 months to completely subside. However, most patients feel very good after 2 weeks and are back at work within a week or two after that. There can be some tightness around the eyes, which should improve over six months.

Revision facial feminization surgery?

Patients who wish to have more feminization work done will need to wait until after one year. Revision facial feminization surgery may be used to undo the feminization effects of a previous facial feminization or only be considered if significant complications occur after the surgery.

How many surgeries will I need?

Everyone’s face is different, and everyone heals differently, so there is no one-size-fits-all answer to how many surgeries you should have overall. Consider every option before making a decision – do research and talk to other patients. It is common for patients to have 2-5 surgeries and stop at that point, even if they’re not fully satisfied with their results.

Do insurance companies cover feminization surgery?

Some, but not all – it depends on the company and your specific policy.

Insurance doesn’t usually cover facial feminization surgery, but some companies might. So it’s important to check with yours if you plan a budget for your surgery.

It seems like the best approach is to get recommendations from other patients.

What are the risks/side effects of facial feminization surgery?

There are possible side effects with all surgeries, but for facial feminization surgery, they are minimal. The most common ones are numbness of the lower lip and chin, and difficulty with chewing. These usually go away on their own, but some patients may require further surgery to correct them. Rare side effects include infection, bleeding under the skin flap, and poor healing of the skin. Most of these can be prevented by following post-operative instructions closely.

How to have facial feminization surgery in Iran?

The only thing you need to do to get your facial feminization surgery arranged in Iran is contact and let our patient coordinators know what you’re looking for. They will provide a free consultation and price quote on facial feminization surgery in Iran and will guide you through the whole process to get the procedure done with an experienced plastic surgeon in Tehran at an affordable price.

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