Fat Transfer in Iran

Get your fat moved to the right place for a more shapely body and smoother face with fat grafting procedures offered by AriaMedTour at modern clinics in Iran at the most affordable prices.

Fat Transfer in Iran

Get your fat moved to the right place for a more shapely body and smoother face with fat grafting procedures offered by AriaMedTour at modern clinics in Iran at the most affordable prices.

Many people consider body curves and contours a sign of attractiveness. They opt for a fat transfer to enhance the volume and appearance of their face, buttock, breast, etc. Ranked among the top ten cosmetic surgery destinations, Iran provides patients with the best course of fat transfer surgery at a fair price. If you wish to get your fat transfer done in Iran, you’re in the right place. Contact us now for a free consultation, and scroll down to learn more.

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Fat Transfer in Iran: all you need to know

As a well-established cosmetic treatment, fat transfer helps people reposition their fat pockets to the areas with less desirable contours. If you’re one of those who are seeking an effective yet affordable cosmetic procedure, a fat transfer in Iran is all you need. To shed light on this subject, here we provide you with all the information you must know in advance, including the procedure, costs, recovery, etc.

First of all, what is fat transfer in general?

Fat transfer, also known as fat grafting, fat injection or lipofilling, is a procedure by which a surgeon removes fat from those areas of your body containing an excess of this substance and subsequently transfers it into the parts which might not have sufficient and/or desirable volumes such as hands, breasts, buttocks, thighs, and face.

fat woman with fat thighs and abdomens standing in the front of a mirror

Don’t know what to do with your excess fat? We’ve got a plan for it: fat transfer can take it to a better place in your body!

Is Iran a good place to get fat transfer surgery?

After becoming the country with the highest number of nose surgeries in the world, Iran is now making its way to the top places in performing other cosmetic procedures. Iranian men and women are opting for procedures like fat transfer to quench their thirst for beauty.

One thing you can be absolutely sure about Iran is that procedures like fat grafting (lip augmentation, breast, and buttocks augmentation, among others) are highly in demand and greatly performed in the country. This fact makes the country a reliable destination for getting these cosmetic procedures with confidence.

One other incentive motivating people to consider Iran for their fat grafting is that the costs of various types of fat transfer in Iran are considerably lower compared to various other countries.

Cost of fat transfer in Iran

The cost of fat transfer depends on the fat amount which needs to be removed and injected. In Iran, fat extraction (which is done by either body jet or lipomatic) would cost from around $1,000 to $2,000 per area.

As can be seen, fat grafting in Iran cost far less than it does in most other countries. For instance, in the UK, fat transfer surgery costs between $2,000 to $7,000 per area. In the US, the average cost of a breast fat transfer is $6,000, while the average cost of a buttock fat transfer is $8,000.

Who are good candidates for fat grafting?

Anyone with any of the following signs and symptoms or anybody who finds himself belonging to any of the general categories below may consider the said procedure:

  • Those with creased and sunken facial areas
  • Anybody who wishes for a more permanent alteration of their body that is provided by temporary fillers
  • Those who desire to rejuvenate their face and hands and/or wish to improve their body contour, heal a scar and fill bodily depressions
  • Those who want to augment their breasts or buttocks by a minimally invasive technique

How is fat transfer done in Iran?

Generally, there are three stages for the fat transfer procedure in Iran: harvesting, purification, and transfer.

During the first stage, as the name signifies, fat is extracted from a part of your body, usually abdomen, thighs, etc. This is done using body jet or lipomatic techniques. The two techniques enable the surgeons to remove fat without being burned so that it can be injected into another area.

Next, the extracted fat is washed and purified, which defines the second stage of the procedure. Finally, the processed fat is carefully injected into the site of the augmentation using specially-designed needles.

Fat removal lasts around 1-2 hours, while fat injection lasts around 30 minutes to 1 hour. So, the whole procedure can take from 1 to 3 hours, depending on the fat amount. In some cases, the procedure might need to be repeated several times in order to obtain the desired results.

breast augmentation procedure steps using fat transfer in iran

See how fat transfer enhances your breast’s shape!

Different types of fat transfer procedures

As you may already be aware, fat transfer surgery can be done for a variety of purposes. Some people may undergo a fat transfer to their face in order to rejuvenate their sagging skin. Some may opt for this treatment to augment/enlarge their breasts or to lift their buttocks. Accordingly, there are different types of fat transfer procedures, which are described below.

Facial fat transfer

Facial fat transfer or fat grafting on face addresses facial creases (wrinkles), such as laugh lines, smile lines, and crow’s feet. In this surgery, the required fat can be extracted from a number of sites in the patient’s body, namely abdomen, and thighs. Then it would be injected into the face. Acne scars, sunken areas of the face, lips, and cheeks are also among treatable areas by this procedure.

Breast implants along with fat grafting

This happens when breasts are in need of reshaping. Fat injection is applied during breast implant surgery. In case one is left with a number of breast irregularities after the breast augmentation surgery (implants), those irregularities can be tackled through fat injection. The procedure yields its result as a refined and reshaped breast which most definitely would please the patient.

Fat transfer breast lift/augmentation

Are you one of those who desire bigger, shapelier breasts? If yes, you had better read this part quite carefully. Those who desire an increase in their breast size make for perfect candidates for this type of procedure. In this procedure, the fat is injected into the patient’s breasts.

It is required that the prospective patient have an already shapely breast with good skin tone. On the other hand, those women with saggy breasts and poor skin and those who wish for a significant increase in the size of their breast would not benefit from this kind of treatment.

Fat grafting for patients with breast cancer

Breast cancer patients who have had a procedure called lumpectomy (a treatment which leaves the patient with breast deformity) can greatly benefit from this method. The said method fills in the areas in the surgical site, leaving the patient with less noticeable irregularity in the breasts.

Fat transfer can also be employed for total breast reconstructions where a fundamental augmentation of the breast size is intended. However, it should be kept in mind that in order to achieve the desirable effects, the procedure has to be repeated a couple of time or even more.

Fat transfer to the buttocks and hips

This procedure is for those who desire more prominent and rounded lower body including the buttocks hips. While some might opt for an implant to achieve such a result, others prefer a fat grafting procedure on their buttocks to look more curvaceous. Butt lift with fat transfer is commonly known as ‘Brazilian butt lift‘.

Hand rejuvenation with fat injection

This last category has to do with adding the desired volume to one’s hands. However, that is not the only occasion when such a procedure is employed. Treating wrinkled areas, covering underlying vessels and tendons and improving the quality of the skin can be cited as other items requiring a hand rejuvenation surgery using fat grafting.

woman's hand with wrinkles which is held toward mountains

What about feeling youth at your fingertips?

What to expect after fat injection surgery?

Depending on the manipulated areas and the procedure’s purpose, your recovery period will take from 7 to 10 days. You should expect some level of pain or discomfort for a few days after the procedure. Bruising and swelling may last up to 10 days or more.

During this period, you need to follow your doctor’s instructions. You may be required not to do physical activities at this time. Plus, it’s better to stick to a high carbohydrate diet after the surgery.

Pros and cons of fat transfer procedure

In terms of advantages, fat grafting procedures pose a much lower risk of allergic reactions to foreign substances compared to similar procedures that serve similar purposes such as dermal fillers. This is mainly due to the fact that fat is removed from the patient’s own body and then injected into his own body as opposed to other procedures that require the injection of some sort of foreign substance.

Moreover, the end results of fat transfer procedures are long-lasting and the surgery is mainly safe. Last but not least, this is mainly considered a non-invasive method in nature when applied to a patient’s face.

Like any other procedure, fat injection has its own drawbacks and shortcomings. First, it is a rather time-consuming procedure; compared to dermal fillers. Fat injection procedure is one which requires some time for the fat tissue to be prepared before being injected into the body. It also costs more than a similar procedure such as dermal fillers. In addition, when it comes to augmentation, the patients may require multiple sessions in order to achieve the desired effect (desired breast or buttock size).

Frequently Asked Questions about Fat Transfer

The recipient of this procedure better not be a smoker or one with any circulation problem. In fact, it is quite important for the patient not to suffer from these issues or any other medical condition for that matter. As far as an augmentation procedure is concerned, the person undergoing such treatment should have ample and sufficient donor sites from which fat can be extracted.

As a minimally invasive procedure, fat transfer is known to be a safe and effective procedure. According to a study aggregating 89 pieces of research, this procedure yields very high patient’s/surgeon’s satisfaction rate with a low occurrence of post-operative complications.

The procedure of fat transfer is not painful, as the doctor applies anesthesia when extracting the fat from the body. However, you may experience mild to moderate pain after numbness goes away. This pain can be controlled by taking pain killers prescribed by your doctor.

The only scar for fat transfer surgery is the one which is left at the site of fat removal. However, as the incisions for body jet or lipomatic are small, the scars are also small. They are usually located in hidden parts and they gradually blend with your skin’s texture.

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