Gum lift in Iran

You’ll have more reasons to smile after gum contouring surgery in Iran!

Gum lift in Iran

You’ll have more reasons to smile after gum contouring surgery in Iran!

Gum or gingiva is a layer of soft tissues that covers the root of your teeth. It protects your teeth from bacteria, holds them in place, and gives them an aesthetic look.
However, sometimes when you have excess gum tissue that covers a larger than normal surface of your teeth, you may need to have a treatment called gum lift.

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What is gum lift?

A gum lift, also called gum contouring or gingivectomy, is a procedure that is performed to remove some of the gum tissue, and sometimes bone, from the root of the teeth. A gum lift can be performed for either cosmetic reasons or functional reasons to treat some gum disease.

Reasons for gum lift

Gum lift is usually performed to expose more of the tooth’s surface and make your short teeth appear longer for aesthetic reasons. When your gums overgrow and cover a large portion of the teeth, your teeth can look short and small. A gum lift surgery removes the excess gum to reveal the root of the teeth and add to their length, making them look more aesthetically pleasing.

Sometimes, gum lift can be done to treat some gum diseases when other treatments fail. Gum lift operation will then stop any future damage to the gum and reduce the efforts needed to clean the teeth.

How is a gum lift performed?

Gum lift is performed in the dentist’s clinic. You will be put under local anesthesia before the surgical procedure. Gum lift usually takes from half an hour to one hour to complete.

The steps of the procedure include:

  • Putting the patient under local anesthesia
  • Removing the excess tissues using a scalpel or laser
  • Vaporizing the remaining tissues with a special device to reshape the new gum line
  • Stitching the gum with sutures
  • Cleaning the area with saline and special rinses
  • Placing dressing in the mouth around the teeth and gum.

Gum lift recovery

One of the main advantages of the gum contouring procedure is the short recovery. Healing after gum lift is fast. It only takes around a week to recover from the operation.

During gum lift recovery, you should expect some swelling and bleeding for several days. It is quite normal to feel some pain especially a few hours after the procedure as the anesthesia effect fades off.

To reduce gum lift recovery time and speed up the healing process, you should do the following:

  • Do not brush your teeth or rinse your mouth for the following 24 hours
  • Change the bandages a few times till the bleeding stops
  • Eat soft foods or liquids for several days
  • Use warm saline solution or mouth wash to clean your mouth and kill the bacteria
  • Take OTC painkillers to reduce the pain
  • Apply cold compresses on your face if your face becomes swelled

Laser gum lift

With the new advancement in medical technology, a lot of dentists now use laser to remove excess gum tissues. Laser gum lift is more expensive than conventional gum lift. However, laser gum lift recovery is faster, and the possible risks are less as the possibilities of infections are reduced.

The difference in the prices between conventional and laser gum lift is narrowing constantly. It is possible that they will both cost almost the same in the near future.

Gum lift pros and cons

If you are not sure whether you should undergo gum lift surgery, knowing and comparing the pros and cons of gum lift can help make the right decision.

The advantages of gum lift:

  • Gum lift takes only 30 to 60 minutes to complete. You will only need one session at the dentist clinic to have the surgery performed.
  • There is no need for general anesthesia, thus reducing the risks of allergic reaction to anesthesia.
  • You can return home right after the surgery.
  • The recovery is quite quick and even quicker for laser gum lift.
  • Gum lift can help you have more hygienic teeth.

The disadvantages of gum lift:

  • Gum lift surgery can increase the sensitivity of your teeth.
  • You can have an infection during the recovery period.
  • It can be expensive.
  • It may not be enough for a perfect smile. You may need to have dental veneers afterward to enhance the appearance of your smile.

Is a gum lift permanent?

Yes, gum lift surgery is permanent. After your dentist removes the excess tissues, they will not grow back.

Gum lift safety

Gum lift surgery is a safe procedure, especially when performed with laser. But just like other surgical procedures, it is possible to have some side effects due to the surgery. The potential risks of gum lift surgery include the following:

  • It can increase the possibility of tooth sensitivity.
  • The roots of your teeth may become too much exposed because of gum recession after the procedure. This can especially happen if you brush your teeth too aggressively or use a stiff-bristled toothbrush.
  • You will be more prone to teeth decay.
  • Infection.

Gum lift vs. crown lengthening

Gum lift and crown lengthening is two similar procedures that are sometimes used interchangeably. While both of the procedures involve removing gum tissue from the root of the teeth, the main difference is that gum lift only removes the extra gum tissues that cover the teeth, while crown lengthening also involves removing some of the bone structure that surround the teeth to make them look more natural.

Gum lift cost in Iran

The cost of gingivectomy can vary greatly from one country to another. In the United States of America, a gum lift can cost you from $200 to $400 per tooth. In Australia, it can cost from $150 to $350 per tooth.

If you would like to have a cheap gum lift, there are other countries that offer lower gum lift prices. In Iran and Turkey, you can expect gum lift prices to start from $30 per tooth.

Will I need to have gum lift before veneers?

You don’t always need to have gum lift before dental veneers procedure. However, if you have excess gum tissues covering the upper part of your teeth, it will be necessary to have some of it removed to open some space for the veneers and let it fit well on the tooth.

Gum lift before or after braces

Basically, it is possible to undergo a gum lift procedure before and after having dental braces. Even patients who have braces can have gum lift. However, if you are going to get dental braces it is recommended to undergo a gum lift afterward.

Because wearing dental braces can cause your gum to move, braces after gum lift can have a negative impact on the new shape and contour of your gum.

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