Microblading in Iran

Do you consider creating, enhancing or reshaping the appearance of your eyebrows in terms of both shape and color? Microblading can be a good option for you.

Microblading in Iran

Do you consider creating, enhancing or reshaping the appearance of your eyebrows in terms of both shape and color? Microblading can be a good option for you.

Microblading can be considered a cosmetic tattooing procedure as well as a tattoo technique that people use to give their eyebrows, beard, and scalp, a fuller shape.
This procedure gives the patients the ability to choose between a wide variety of colors. Therefore, they can get extremely realistic-looking results that completely match their natural hair color and shape.

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Why Choose Iran for Microblading?

Iran is known to be one of the leading countries in the field of cosmetic surgeries, and mostly famous for the high-quality procedures it offers for the lowest prices worldwide.
Also, according to statistics, the success rate of all the surgical procedures done in Iran is higher than 90%, which makes Iran the perfect choice for patients who are seeking the best medical treatments for the most affordable prices.

Why AriaMedTour?

Every medical trip arranged by AriaMedTour is going to be a completely successful trip, as AriaMedTour’s professional team will take care of everything for you and arrange the entire trip for you, leaving to you only a couple of small things to take care of, while all the other difficult, time-consuming procedures, are being taken care of by the team.

How Much Does Microblading Cost in Iran?

The cost of microblading varies according to each individual’s case and is determined after an in-person meeting with the doctor.
On average, the cost can range between $400 and $1,200 depending on the aforementioned factors. However, you can get the same high-quality procedures in Iran for much more affordable prices. Please contact us to have a free consultation and price quote on microblading in Iran.

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Microblading in Iran: All you need to know

Microblading is the latest trend in the field of cosmetic procedures, and is seen as the most advanced method to help patients who suffer from hair loss. Keep reading to know more about the procedure and the benefits of having microblading in Iran.

How is microblading done?

At the beginning, patients choose the shape and color that match their natural hair color and skin tone. Afterwards, the treated area is cleaned and numbed as a preparation for the treatment.

During the procedure, doctors use little fine needles instead of using a tattoo gun to draw hair strokes manually. This procedure can take up to 40 minutes, as it all depends on the chosen shape and color, in addition to other factors, such as the patient’s preferences and medical history.

Eventually, after the procedure is completely over, the doctor applies aftercare products on the treated area to help speed up microblading healing process.

How long does the results last?

Results normally last for 3 – 4 years. However, patients skin type, their life style, and the products they use all play an important role in determining the time period the results last.

What are the alternatives for eyebrows microblading?

There are many alternatives to microblading that could give the patients similar and even better results, such as:

Brow Lamination

This procedure is a good alternative to microblading as it fixes the unruly or thinning eyebrows and smooths it out in addition to lifting the eyebrows hair upwards.

During this procedure, the doctor uses a lifting cream that breaks down hair bonds chemically, allowing the brow hair to gain a new shape. Afterwards, the doctor applies a neutralizer to give the hair bonds a new shape according to the patient’s preferences. Eventually, the hair is coated with nourishing oil as an aftercare procedure. This procedure takes around one hour and delivers extra smooth brows as an end result.


Microshading is a great alternative for women with oily, shiny, or sensitive skin. Despite the fact that microshading is an alternative for microblading, these two procedures do not use the same technique.

During this procedure, the doctor creates small-pin dots instead of typical hair strokes that are done in microblading. This procedure offers two options. The first one gives women softer gentler finish, which makes the eyebrows more natural-looking appearance. The other option gives women fuller and bolder shape, which makes this option perfect for people who love make up.


Microfeathering is considered as a form of microblading. In a similar way to microblading, the procedure begins with making small incisions using a small and fine blade. Afterwards, the doctor fills the incisions with pigment, resulting in an extremely natural-looking brow hair.


Nanoblading is extremely similar to microblading. However, during this procedure, finer needles are used, resulting in a better precision and accuracy. This makes this procedure perfect for filling scarce and thin eyebrows in order to give them a thicker shape.

What is Microshading? Is it different from Microblading?

Microblading is mainly used by women who are seeking more natural shape for their eyebrows, as the end results in most cases are natural-looking eyebrows with lighter finish. Furthermore, this procedure is perfect for women with normal or dry skin who have eyebrows that are not too dense nor too sparse.

On the other hand, microshading is perfect for women with oily and sensitive skin and for women who have very sparse eyebrows, over-damaged eyebrows, or already tattooed brows. Microshading’s end results give the eyebrows a makeup-filled eyebrow effect.

What is microblading pen?

Microblading pen is different from typical standard eyebrow pencil, as the results lasts much longer than the typical pencil. Moreover, the tip of microblading pen is completely different from the typical pencil, as most microblading pens have the shape of a trident for a tip, which makes this pen perfect to create even and natural-looking eyebrows easily.

What are the benefits of eyebrows microblading?

  • Eyebrows are much more important than you think, and they are essential parts of your face because they shape your face and help you express yourself to other people. This makes giving them a better shape a necessity in order to get a better over-all shape.
  • Microblading can be used as a medical procedure to help patients who suffer from facial hair loss due to chemotherapy, resulting in increased confidence and a better overall mental state.
  • Microblading will help you save plenty of time, as you will never have to fill in your eyebrows or fix their shape every day.
  • Patients will not worry about the shape of their eyebrows after every shower they take, as microblading makes them sweatproof, waterproof, and do not easily wash off.

What is beard microblading?

Beard microblading is considered a new treatment for men who suffer from problems with their facial hair.

This procedure can easily fill beard spare patches, and even give it a fuller shape. Furthermore, microblading can be used as a method to hide scars in the beard.

This procedure is perfect for men with patchy beard, men with scars in the beard area, patients with hair problems due to chemotherapy, and transgender people who are changing their sex into male.

What is scalp microblading?

Scalp microblading is the newest treatment in the battle against hair loss. In a similar way to eyebrows microblading, scalp microblading is considered a semi-permanent tattooing procedure that aims to fill small incisions that are carefully made in the treated area with cosmetic pigment in order to recreate natural-looking strokes that look like real hair on the scalp.

This procedure can be extremely helpful for people suffering from hair loss, as scalp microblading is able to mimic the look of natural hair and can add extra thickness to patchy areas on the scalp

Is scalp microblading safe?

Scalp microblading carries the same risks of getting a tattoo, which makes undergoing this procedure in a clean and sterile environment a necessity. This is because any foreign material that is inserted into the skin may cause allergic reactions. Moreover, if this procedure is not done according to proper protocols, the risk of developing infections is always a possibility.

What are the benefits of scalp microblading?

  • Scalp microblading is available for both sexes, which is great news as 40% of hair loss patients are females.
  • Patients can choose between a wide variety of colors, which makes it possible for the new hair to look extremely natural.
  • Results are immediate. It also takes only 14-30 days for the skin to heal completely after the procedure.
  • Results fade gradually, which gives you enough time to undergo the procedure again before it fades completely.
  • Microblading can easily cover the hairline, which makes this procedure perfect for patients with traction alopecia.
  • Microblading is perfect for people who prefer short hairstyles, as the results look similar to a buzz cut.
  • Microblading causes less pain than getting a tattoo due to the numbing creams used during the procedure.
  • Results last between 15 – 30 months. The result depends on the patient’s life style.

Are there any side-effects for Microblading?

As with any treatment or medical procedure, microblading may cause common side effects such as:

  • Flaky skin
  • Skin scabs
  • The possibility of an infection
  • Allergic reaction that could lead to redness and swelling

Is it safe to undergo Microblading while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Despite the fact that there are no studies on how the pigments and chemicals used in microblading can affect the fetus, it is widely known that it is preferred not to risk the safety of the baby by undergoing microblading, as it is medically known as not a safe treatment for pregnant women.

Some of the numbing creams that are used during microblading contain epinephrine, which is known to cause fetal tachycardia in addition to cardiac problems.

According to research, developing blood infections, in addition to HIV and Hepatitis B, is always possible if doctors do not follow proper protocols during microblading. This makes this treatment not safe for pregnant women.

Pregnant women are more likely to suffer from excess bleeding during the procedure as pregnancy hormones affect their blood circulation, which may negatively influence the skin absorption of the pigment.

Some pregnant women develop hyperpigmentation during pregnancy, which will make the doctor choose the wrong color that does not match the natural color.

Women are advised to avoid microblading during breastfeeding, as there is always a possibility to pass developed infections to her nursing child.

What are the phases of the recovery process after Microblading?

The first couple of days after the procedure, the results will look promising, as your eyebrows will look fuller and bold. Also, common side effects like redness, mild swelling, bleeding, and bruising are likely to occur. However, these side effects will slowly disappear with time.

By the end of the first week, eyebrows will look darker, and most patients will experience flaky skin. Moreover, scabies and rash are likely to occur, but this is a good sign, as it means that the wounds are starting to heal.

At the beginning of the second week, skin begins to peel off, and more scabies are likely to occur. However, patients are highly advised to leave their skin heal by itself without itching or scratching its surface.

12 to 15 days after the procedure, the rash and the itching will subside on its own, and the natural color will reappear again.

Between 20 – 30 days after the procedure, the end results start to look even more natural as the final feathery shape of the eyebrows begin to be more noticeable.

1 month after the procedure, the skin is completely healed, and all feelings of pain and discomfort must be gone by now.

What can I do to speed up the recovery process?

Taking care of the treated area after microblading is really similar to taking care of a tattooed area. However, this procedure requires additional aftercare in order to get the expected end-results.

After microblading, the skin of the treated area will appear all red and lumpy, which requires the patient to run a sterilized cotton across the treated area two hours after the procedure in order to remove any unnecessary dye on the treated area.

In most cases, the final results show up 7 – 14 days after the procedure.

Patients can speed up the healing process by following these simple steps:

  • Keep the treated area dry for at least 14 days, and avoid getting the area wet at all costs.
  • Avoid using make up during the first week after the procedure.
  • Leave your skin to heal by its own. Do not itch or tug the treated area.
  • Do your best to avoid activities that cause excessive sweating until the treated area is completely healed.
  • Use the healing creams exactly as prescribed by the doctor.

How can I arrange my medical trip to have microblading in Iran?

Arranging your medical trip with AriaMedTour is one of the simplest processes ever. The entire process can start by clicking the “Get a Free Consultation” button on the website, or by using the number provided on the website. Our specialized team will take care of every detail of your journey so that all you have to do is to think about the good results that you will acquire after the procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions About Microblading

The short answer is No. Microblading is not permanent, and it is considered as a semi-permanent makeup procedure.

Yes, microblading can be removed in many ways. However, the most common removal method is laser removal.

Microblading cannot be reversed. However, complete removal and shape correction is always an option.

In most cases, microblading’s end-results are extremely natural looking.

Most patients reported feeling minor feelings of discomfort and pressure. Furthermore, it was reported that microblading causes much less pain than getting a typical tattoo.

The results last between a year and a half and 3 years.

One of the most common dangers is the possibility of developing an infection. Moreover, this procedure may increase the chance of spreading viruses like HIV, herpes, and hepatitis if hygiene protocols are not applied carefully during the procedure.

If Microblading is done correctly, it must never leave permanent scars. However, if the procedure is done by an unskilled doctor, the needle might go too deep in the skin, which will cause scarring.

With most patients, it took around 25 – 30 days for the skin to heal completely.

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