Penis Enlargement in Iran

Any technique designed to increase the size of a human penis is called penis enlargement, or male enhancement.

Penis Enlargement in Iran

Any technique designed to increase the size of a human penis is called penis enlargement, or male enhancement.

Penis size has long been a concern on young men’s minds. Many of them wish for a larger penis, even though they have a normal size penis and do not have any sexual problems. Penis enlargement techniques can be effective.

Penis enlargement, or male enhancement, refers to any method used to enlarge a man’s penis. Different methods focus on different aspects. Some increase overall shaft length, others increase shaft girth, while others increase glans size. In addition to surgery, supplements, ointments, patches, and physical methods like pumping, jelqing, and traction are effective ways to treat this condition.

The first question that comes to mind is, “What is the normal penis size, and which method of penis enlargement in Iran is the best?”.
Keep reading to find out the answer.

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Why Iran?

Iran is one of the best destinations for people who want to enlarge their penis in many ways. Iranian medical services are renowned due to the availability of first-class hospitals, clinics, and board-certified, skilled doctors.

Iran’s currency, on the other hand, values the least against the dollar due to a variety of reasons including politics. Therefore, you have a great opportunity to get the best medical services at an incredible price.

Why AriaMedTour?

Ariamdtour is a medical tourism agency that introduces foreign patients to the best Iranian doctors and hospitals. In addition to providing medical services for patients, this reputable Middle Eastern agency will also assist applicants with visas, accommodation, and tourism services.

At AriaMedtour:

  • Free medical consultation and free price estimation is available from our team of medical experts.
  • Our team introduces you to the best doctors and hospitals in Iran.
  • Throughout your stay in Iran, you will be accompanied by a guide fluent in English or your own language.
  • Everything is handled by us (visa, flight, transfer, accommodation, treatment).
  • Our goal is to help you return home safely and to provide you with the best medical and health services possible.

Penis Enlargement Cost in Iran

The cost of penis enlargement surgery varies depending on the clinic where the surgery is performed, the credibility and skill of the surgeon, and the type of surgery.
In Iran, despite the experienced and prominent surgeons, advanced equipment, and modern facilities, cosmetic surgery’s costs are very low. The reason for this is the low value of Iran’s currency compared to other countries’ currencies.
Iran’s health centers operate according to international standards and offer the highest quality treatments. It provides a unique opportunity to have the best and cheapest treatments in the land of a thousand welcomes.

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Penis Enlargement in Iran: All You Need to Know

Penis enlargement or penile enhancement includes all the methods of enlarging the penis and eliminating the physical and psychological concerns of men while having sexual intercourse. The enlargement process can increase both the length and girth of the penis and can be temporary or permanent. It all depends on what treatment you choose and by whom the procedure is performed.

People who are looking to enlarge their penis should first go to a urologist before considering any treatments to make sure they really need to do so. Most of these treatments, which claim to increase the size of the penis, are very expensive yet ineffective and sometimes have serious side effects. Many experienced and proficient urologists in Iran can give you the necessary advice to help you make the best decision about penis enlargement in Iran.

What is the normal size of the penis?

In this regard, the British Journal of Urology International (BJUI) published a study that surprised everyone. They found that the average flaccid penis is 3.61 inches (9.16 cm) in length and 3.66 inches (9.31 cm) in diameter, and the average erect penis is 5.16 inches (13.12 cm) in length and 4.59 inches (11.66 cm) in diameter, which is far smaller than what was commonly assumed.

Therefore, most people who think their penis is small do not need any treatment and should consider visiting a therapist. There are two types of mental disorders associated with a small penis. Men who are not content with the size of their penis and think it is too small may have “penile dysmorphophobia disorder” (PDD). Men who feel their partner is not satisfied with the size of their penis may be diagnosed with “small penis anxiety” (SPA).

However, if the size of an erect penis is smaller than 3 inches (7.5 cm), it is called “micropenis.” In that case, a penis enlargement treatment is a good option. In this article, we will review penis enlargement in Iran, its cost, and how it is performed in Iran.

Who is a good candidate for penis enlargement in Iran?

 The penile enhancement surgery in Iran is suitable for:

  • Adults (over 21)
  • People whose penis size is below the average (less than 3 inches)
  • People who feel bad about the size of their penis and the procedure will help improve their self-confidence and sexual prowess.
  • People with a medical condition that has caused penis shrinkage
  • People diagnosed with Peyronie’s disease (bent erection; painful in some cases)
  • People in perfect health
  • Non-smokers

Be sure to tell your doctor if you have a history of penile surgery.

Types of penis enlargement in Iran

Non-surgical treatments

You may see many non-surgical treatments that promise you a larger penis. Such as traction devices, vacuum pumps, jelqing exercises, pills, lotions, vitamins, etc. however, none of them have permanent, if any, results and there is no scientific evidence that supports using any of these methods.

On the other hand, some effective methods can enhance your genitals’ appearance. Sometimes all you have to do is lose extra weight, get fit, and shave your pubic hair (manscaping) to make your penis seem larger and improve your confidence in bed.

Some surgeons may recommend liposuction in which the fat at the base of the penis will be removed to make it appear longer. Nevertheless, if the patient gains weight again, the genital area will accumulate fat and the penis would return to its previous shape. To maintain a long-term result, people need to change their lifestyle and keep a normal weight with exercise and a healthy diet.

If none of these methods were satisfying enough, there would be no choice but to have penis enlargement surgery in Iran.

Surgical treatments

Three types of penile augmentation surgery are performed in Iran, including suspensory ligament release, silicone implant, and fat transfer. However, every individual’s surgical procedure may be different and is determined by preoperative examinations.

The most important factor that should be considered before penis enlargement surgery, like any other cosmetic surgery, is the skill and credibility of the surgeon, which ensures the success and safety of the operation. In Iran, there are many surgeons with a high level of experience and knowledge in performing cosmetic procedures that can guarantee the best results.

Nevertheless, you should have a realistic view of what can be achieved. If your expectations do not match what is medically possible, you might not be satisfied with the results. Every surgery has its risks and side effects, so be sure to ask your surgeon about every little detail of the procedure before undergoing any operation.

Pre-operative instructions for penis enlargement in Iran

You should take some medical tests before penis enlargement in Iran to determine your health for the surgery. Be sure to ask your surgeon any question that pops up in your mind.

Before the operation, your surgeon may ask you to:

  • Drink a large amount of water as hydration is important for surgery.
  • Avoid taking any unnecessary drugs such as aspirin.
  • Stop smoking for at least a week before penis enlargement in Iran for better recovery afterward.
  • Silicone implant surgery requires an already circumcised person. If a patient has not had a circumcision before, they will be asked to do so.

The procedure of penis enlargement in Iran

Penis enlargement operations are done under general anesthesia in a hospital or cosmetic clinic. Now let us review how each procedure is performed in Iran.

Silicone implant

This operation includes the insertion of a silicone implant, about two-thirds the length of the penis, under the penile skin to make the penis thicker, but not longer. The procedure must be carefully controlled by a qualified urologist who has expertise in the penile anatomy and the surgery itself, and who has the necessary knowledge and experience to perform it. You should note that the implant makes the penis stay at the same length so it does not look smaller when flaccid.

Suspensory ligament release (Ligamentolysis)

Suspensory ligament division is the most common way to change the length of the penis permanently.

About one-third of the entire penis length is hidden inside the body and is attached to the pelvis, behind the pubic bone, with a strand known as suspensory ligament. Dividing the ligament from the pelvis causes the penis to hang further outside the body and as a result, increases its length by about 1.5 inches (1-3 cm). The surgery is done through a small cut under the abdominal area and after recovery, only an insignificant scar will remain.  Also, to keep the ligament from reattaching, you may need to hang weights on the penis once a day for nearly six months.

The suspensory ligament’s job is to provide support during an erection. Consequently, the lack of support may result in downward erections but it will not affect the normal function.

Fat injection or fat transfer

One way to enlarge the penis is to inject fat cells taken from other parts of the body by liposuction into the shaft of the penis. This procedure increases the girth of the penis between 1-2 inches (2-4 cm) and is more likely to be successful using the patient’s own body tissue than other grafts. Nevertheless, the procedure is not permanent; after a year, the fat gets partially absorbed by about 20 to 80 percent, so the patient may need further injections to achieve the desired results.

Since the surgery is done through small incisions, no scars will last on the body and it has a short-term recovery period. As previously mentioned, this procedure only improves the width, or girth, of the penis. Therefore, your surgeon may recommend suspensory ligament surgery as well to have a better result of penis enlargement in Iran.

Penis Enlargement post-operative instructions

Your surgeon will give you the necessary instructions after the operation, including:

  • Refrain from smoking for a specific amount of time.
  • Use prescribed painkillers.
  • Covering the incisions with a dressing and changing it daily for at least a week.
  • May need to use stretching weights after ligament division surgery.
  • Avoid intense physical activity and lifting objects heavier than half a kilo for six weeks.
  • Avoid sexual activity for 8 weeks.

Penis Enlargement recovery process

The recovery period will not be painful in most cases if the patient carefully follows the steps for postoperative care, including two weeks of complete rest. The patient can urinate, sit, and eat without any problem, but otherwise, he is not allowed to move and must lie on his back.

The dressing is removed after a week and the stitches do not need to be pulled because they are dissolvable. Patients may experience slight discomfort during recovery. In that case, analgesics are prescribed to relieve pain. They can usually carry on with normal activities after 6-8 weeks.

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