Tear Duct Surgery
in Iran

Your eyes are drowning in tears and you cannot
see clearly with everything seeming blurred and ambiguous?
We at AriaMedTour are here to clear the image for you.

Tear Duct Surgery
in Iran

Your eyes are drowning in tears and you cannot see clearly with everything seeming blurred and ambiguous? We at AriaMedTour are here to clear the image for you.

God has given us the ability to see through two precious jewels called eyes. By these eyes, we see the wonders forgetting that they are at the top of the wonders. Our eyes are always exposed to external factors that could cause them harm like dry air that carries many germs and infections. For this reason, the eyes are in need of a special system to protect them, keep them clean, and moisturize them. This system is sensitive and at risk of obstruction, which may lead to several dangers to the eyes and the brain. Fortunately, modern ophthalmology presents new solutions and technological equipment along with professional surgeons.

Aria Medtour, as the leading medical tourism facilitator in Iran, provides you with all you need and more to ease having tear duct surgery in Iran for you.

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Why Iran?

Since ancient history, Iran has been interested in medicine. Iranian traditional medicine is one form of the most ancient forms of traditional medicine. Their passion for medicine did not extinguish.
Iran now has a number of hospitals and clinics that are provided with high technology and specialized medical equipment in addition to an elite group of surgeons. Iranian ophthalmologists are professional and well experienced. They perform all kinds of eye surgeries successfully, including lacrimal duct surgery.

Why AriaMedTour?

AriaMedTour is a famous name among the best medical tourism companies in Iran. It provides a number of services for international patients who would like to have an eye surgery in Iran. The company begins with the free online specialized consultation while you are in rest at home. As for your journey, we make the arrangements of your flight, airport pick-up, transfer, and make appointments for your treatment. We work with professional surgeons with years of experience and studies. You should know that with Aria MedTour, you are safe and in good hands.

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Tear Duct Surgery In Iran: All You Need To Know

The tear duct system consists of small holes situated on the upper and lower eyelids near the internal corner of the eye. These holes are connected to small canals that extend toward the lacrimal sac. Tears gather in the lacrimal sac to be drained through the nasal tear duct to the nasal cavity and thereafter to the larynx and so on. In some cases, and for some reasons, an obstruction occurs in the tear duct system. In order to treat this condition, one must undergo a tear duct surgery.

What is tear duct surgery?

Tear duct or lacrimal duct surgery is an eye surgical procedure to fix the dysfunction in the tear drainage system or to create a new tear drain between the eyes and the nose.

What are the symptoms of a blocked tear duct?

There are Symptoms to indicate that there is an obstruction in the tear duct. These symptoms contain the following:

  • The eyes become filled with tears that are drained through the face.
  • The vision becomes blurred due to the excess of tears, which may lead to amblyopia.
  • The area near the inside corner of the eye swells.
  • The white part of the eye becomes red.
  • Excessive mucus on the surface of the eye.

What are the surgical techniques used for treating tear duct obstruction?

There are several methods to treat tear duct obstruction. Some of them are simple surgeries that can be performed in an outpatient clinic and some are performed in the hospital under general anesthesia.

  1. Dilation, expansion, and flushing: it is performed under general anesthesia for children and under general or regional anesthesia for adults. It starts with an expansion of the two little holes in the eyelids. After that, the doctor inserts a flexible probe in the tear duct to the internal nose. After that, the doctor flushes the pathway with a sterile liquid to make sure the obstruction is completely removed.
  2. Balloon catheter dilation: it is performed under general anesthesia. The doctor uses a catheter with a balloon on the side. He/she inserts the catheter in the tear duct to remove the obstruction by inflating and deflating the balloon many times.
  3. Intubation: it is performed under general anesthesia. A thin tube of silicone or polyurethane passes through to the nasal tear duct. The doctor leaves the tube or stent for a 3-month period. An infection may occur due to the placement of the stent.

How is tear duct surgery performed?

Tear duct obstruction surgery is also called dacryocystorhinostomy. It is performed under general anesthesia. There are two types of dacryocystorhinostomy:

  • External dacryocystorhinostomy: after the patient is anesthetized, the surgeon makes an incision on the nose near the lacrimal duct and removes some bones to reach the internal part of the nose to make a linkage. After that, a stent is placed in the passage between the nose and the lacrimal sac.
  • Endonasal dacryocystorhinostomy: this method is performed with no demand for any surgical incisions; therefore, it does not leave scars. In this procedure, the surgeon inserts an instrument with a camera through the nose into the tear duct system in order to remove the blockage.

Before tear duct obstruction surgery

The patient should undergo some procedures that before any surgery in general and before lacrimal duct surgery in particular, including:

  • Examining the eyes and the tear duct system.
  • Having an MRI, CT scan, and/or an X-ray for the eyes.
  • Some tests are made by the doctor to examine whether there is an obstruction or not.
  • Doing blood and allergy tests.
  • Measuring how fast tears are drained by a tear drainage test.

After tear duct surgery

Since it is a simple surgery, the patient can go home after the surgery, meaning that tear duct surgery is an outpatient procedure. However, before discharging the patient, the doctor clears a few things concerning the healing process such as:

  • It is possible to feel pain after the surgery. The doctor prescribes some painkillers for such cases.
  • During the first days after the surgery, the patient suffers from swellings and bruises around the nose, eyes and near the incisions.
  • Swells and bruises are normal after the surgery. You can use cold compresses to reduce them.
  • If the procedure involves inserting a stent, it will be removed after 3 months at the doctor’s office.
  • Antibiotics and decongestant are also prescribed to avoid inflammations.

Lacrimal duct surgery complications and risks

Even though this surgery is a simple procedure, it is accompanied by some complications such as:

  • Bleeding
  • Infections
  • Permanent scars if the external technique is employed
  • The displacement of the stent if one is placed during the surgery

Tips for tear duct surgery recovery

In order to avoid or reduce the risks of having a tear duct obstruction, here’s what you should do:

  1. Keep your hands clean especially before touching your eyes.
  2. Do not rub your eyes.
  3. Change your eye makeup tools and do not share them with anyone else.
  4. Sanitize your contact lenses.

How much does tear duct surgery cost in Iran?

What matters most for the surgeons and us is the impressive results and the good reputation. Therefore, the costs of surgeries are low and reasonable compared to other countries.

The cost of tear duct surgery in Iran with all other expenses like the doctor’s visit, medical imaging, anesthesia and others is something between $1,500 and $3,000, which is less than half the cost of tear duct surgery itself in the United States of America of about $6,000 and less than that in Europe, where the cost is about $4,800.

How to undergo tear duct surgery in Iran?

If you want to have a hassle-free surgery tear duct surgery in Iran with the most experienced surgeons, then you are in the right place now. Just throw us a message through Whatsapp or fill the form in this page and our specialists at Aria MedTour will be back for you as soon as possible. Since then, everything will be arranged according to your schedule and you can receive our all-inclusive packages. We are just waiting for your contact.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tear Duct Surgery

All surgical operations are painful to an extent. However, the degree of tear duct surgery pain can be reduced with painkillers.

Tear duct surgery is performed for medical purposes. Therefore, it is usually covered by insurance.

It can be performed in a specialized clinic or in the hospital. The choice depends on the patient’s condition, the applied method, and the doctor’s opinion.

Tear duct surgery is performed by ophthalmologists.

Yes, it is possible that the surgery may fail to treat the obstruction completely. In such cases, the patient will need another surgery to treat the obstruction.

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