Medical Tourism Process in Iran

Let’s review all the steps of a medical trip to Iran
arranged by AriaMedTour.

Medical Tourism Process in Iran

Let’s review all the steps of a medical trip to Iran arranged by AriaMedTour.

Through these steps, we make sure to plan a smooth medical trip for you that meets the highest standards. Remember, all the following steps are a must for having a safe and convenient medical journey, specific to your treatment and travel needs.

Medical Tourism Process | step by step guide

medical tourism process (step by step)

Step 1: Contact us

    Visit our social media and website

You can visit AriaMedTour’s social media and website to learn about different procedures and our services, find your intended treatment, and collect the necessary information.

    Send your request

Feel free to contact us through any of the different pathways available to you including the inquiry form, E-mail, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Skype, online chat, phone, etc.

    Get in touch with our doctors’ assistants

You’ll be put in touch with one of our medical consultants. They’ll get back to you ASAP to answer your questions.

Step 2: Consultation

●    Receive initial consultation

The doctors’ assistants will reach out to you to give you a consultation on the procedures you’re inquiring about. This consultation will include questions and answers to evaluate your health condition, medical record, and eligibility for the procedure. You can also discuss your goals and expectations to get a realistic response to your concerns.

    Send your photos

Generally, a surgeon needs to see the patient for medical analysis. In an online consultation, you’ll be asked to send your photos for this purpose, so that we can give you a more precise consultation including whether a specific procedure or method could be performed on you, whether you’re a good candidate for this procedure or a different method may help you more, whether you can get the result you expect, and what special considerations you may need to take regarding your case. Moreover, your photos will be used to give you a more precise cost estimation.

    Receive cost estimate

You’ll receive a price estimation that includes all treatment costs according to what you want considering the procedures you’re inquiring about, your conditions, and requests.

Step 3: Book your surgery

●    Pay a deposit online

When you make up your mind about having your intended procedure in Iran, it’s time to book your appointment. Our team makes sure that you’ll have early appointments with our top-ranked surgeons. To book your surgery appointment, you’ll be asked to pay a small part of your procedure cost, usually about 10% of the total cost,  in advance as a deposit. Your deposit is paid as good faith money so that we can proceed with booking the best clinic/hospital, doctor’s appointments, laboratory, hotel, etc. based on your treatment needs.

Note: The deposit is considered a part of your procedure cost and will be deducted from your total cost.

●    Fix your appointment

After paying the deposit online, you’ll send us the payment receipt and we will finalize your surgery appointment.

Step 4: Prepare to Travel

    Receive pre-surgery & travel consultation

You’ll be provided with a complete guide about your selected surgery such as surgery time, treatment duration, recovery time, etc., and important notes on what to do before and after the procedure. You can also have a comprehensive treatment offer, treatment letter, and travel plan. Our consultants help you with all the information you need before traveling to Iran. You can also find different topics in this regard on our blog.

    Plan your trip

Set an exact date of arrival to Iran and organize your trip.

    Apply/Receive a visa if necessary

In case you need a visa to enter Iran, our team will help you get your treatment visa authorization code. You can then collect your visa from the embassy or any international airport you arrive at in Iran.

To apply for your visa, you’ll be asked to send your documents including the payment receipt of your deposit and visa service, a copy of your passport, and a photo. Based on your country, visa processing can take between 2 to 8 business weeks. Read more details about the treatment visa here.

    Book your flight/hotel

Now it’s time to book your flight and hotel according to your plan. We will estimate the costs of your accommodation and services clearly and book a hotel matching your budget and treatment plan. Make sure you let us know the exact time and date of your arrival in Iran.

You can also ask our assistants to help you book your flights.

Step 5: In Iran

    Get picked up at the airport

Your personal assistant from AriaMedTour will greet you at the airport and pick you up.

    Receive 24h assistance

You’ll be accompanied by a medical interpreter who’s the company’s representative to assist you throughout your trip till your departure (depending on your preference, you can choose to be accompanied by a male or female expert). While in Iran, you’ll have access to 24 h assistance to ask for help and discuss your concerns.

    Do the pre-surgery visit and tests

You usually need to have a pre-surgery visit with your doctor in person to be examined, receive a consultation, discuss your goals, etc. You will also need to do some tests to check everything before going for the operation. Your interpreter will accompany you through all your medical visits and affairs to make sure everything is going well.

    Receive treatment at the hospital

Then comes the surgery date. You’ll be transferred to the hospital and will have the operation after the necessary items are checked and done by the medical team.

    Have a post-op doctor visit

After surgery and initial recovery, the doctor will do the follow-up consultation.


You will be instructed on what to do for a smooth recovery. You will be accommodated at a convenient hotel, rest, and follow the post-op instructions until you are ready for your leave.

●    Go sightseeing (optional)

Now that you’re in Iran, you can enjoy visiting its ancient, historical, cultural, natural, and touristic attractions. This is optional though. You can choose to go sightseeing as part of your trip plan. Most of our patients are interested in taking a tour after their initial recovery.

Step 6: Follow-Up

    Fly back home

After your initial recovery, it’s time to fly back home. But before you leave, we look forward to hearing your comments and feedback to improve our medical tourism organization. You’ll be welcome to visit the AriaMedTour office and meet the manager and the whole team while we get to hear about your experience in Iran.

    Receive Follow-ups

Your medical journey with AriaMedTour won’t be finished as you go back to your country. We will have follow-up contacts to check up on you and answer all your postoperative questions by coordinating with your surgeon. We will be at your disposal and one of our experts will be available almost 24 hours. We believe that the recovery process is as important as the surgery itself. That’s why we’ll be there for you until to follow up even after you get back home safely.

    Keep in touch with your doctor through AriaMedTour

You can be in touch with your doctor as long as you wish. Our team makes sure you’ll get answers to your post-operative questions. You may also have your medical documents in case you want to present them to your doctors at home.

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