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Atieh Hospital is one of the most modern private hospitals in Tehran, located in Shahrak-e Gharb (Qarb Town) the north-western part of the city. With a floor area of 24000 m2, the hospital building has 12 stories. The main objective of Atieh Hospital was to provide fast and quality services in all medical fields. The board of managers, doctors, nurses and other staff members of Atieh Hospital are all members of the extended family of Atieh, striving hard in accordance with the tenet of the hospital, that is the satisfaction of the customers/patients.
Atieh Hospital also possesses an International Patients Department (IPD) which is solely responsible for serving foreign patients.


• Intensive care units: including General ICU, ICUOH, CCU, Post CCU, Post ICU, Post OR (Sahar).

• Surgery units: including Homa, Ofogh, and Saba units.

• Obs and Gynae: including Milad, Mehr, and delivery room.

• Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU).

• Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU): divided into Ghazal 1 and Ghazal 2 units.

• Chemotherapy units: including Mahtab and Pegah units.

• Internal units: including Rose and Yas units.

• Neurology (Bahar unit)

• Operating rooms: including Dr. Amiri, Sadaf, and Milad operating rooms.

• Outpatient departments: including Angiography, pre-op preparations (Sadaf), Emergency, and Hemodialysis.

• Para-clinics and diagnosis departments: including Endoscopy, Pathology lab, Physiotherapy, CT Scan, MRI, Radiology.


• VIP services

• High-speed internet service

• Long-term follow-up after treatment

• Taxi service

• Easy access to currency exchange office

• Payment in dollars accepted

• Arab and Kurdish-speaking nurses

• Issuance of medical summary reports and bills in English upon request

• Restaurant

• Cafeteria

• Drug Store

• Greenspace

• Coffee shop

• Supermarket

• Parking lot

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