Hospital Name: Basir Eye Center

Location: Tehran, Shiraz, Kerman

Established in: 1993

Medical Services: angiography, visual field test, optometry, ocular motility tests, laser eye surgery, cataract surgery, glaucoma surgery, canaloplasty, corneal surgery, corneal transplantation, lasik and femto-lasik, vitreo-retinal surgery, refractive surgery, eye muscle surgery, oculoplastic surgery, orbital surgery, blepharoplasty, ptosis surgery and other medical and cosmetic eye treatments.

Facilitieslaboratories, operation theaters, examination rooms, excimer laser, cafe, restaurant, grocery store, ATM machine, inpatient rooms, easy transportation accessibility

Working hours: Saturday to Wednesday (7 a.m. to 7 p.m.), Thursday (7 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

About Basir Eye Center

Basir Eye Hospital was founded in 1993 through the efforts of Dr Ahmad Shojaei Baghini to become the first private center of the country offering ophthalmologic services. With more than two decades of successful history, Basir Hospital has always tried to utilize the most advanced technologies and methods to provide all kinds of eye medical services to its patients. Introducing the use of excimer laser (exipler laser) in 1994, the eye center has since helped tens of thousands of eye patients restore their natural eyesight, making the clinic one of the few centers making use of this technology.

The high quality of services and great efficacy of medical treatments coupled with affordable costs led to the populirazion of the hospital beyond the borders as well. Thousands of foreign patients are now enjoying medical services of Basir Hospital each year.

Staffed with the best and most experienced eye specialists and nurses, Basir Eye Hospital has two other branches in Shiraz and Kerman cities.

Basir Hospital’s medical services include diagnostic services (angiography, visual field test, ocular motility test, amplitude scan (A-scan) and brightness scan (B-scan)), treatment services such as Lasik and femto-Lasik surgery, peripheral iridotomy, corneal transplantation, cosmetic surgeries (blepharoplasty and ptosis surgery, lens), as well as pre-treatment consultation, optometry and tests.

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