Clinic Name: Behsima clinic

Location: Iran,Yazd

Establishment: 2002

Clinic Services: PRP, hair removal laser, Tattoo removal laser, Botox, gel injections, fat injection, rejuvenation skin laser, Mesotherapy, weight loss laser therapy, laser lift, skin care services, mole and warts removal, removal wrinkle treatments, treating all kinds of skin and hair issues, microdermabrasion, scar removal laser therapy, Acne laser therapy.

Behsima Clinic

Behsima skin and hair clinic has been established in year 2002 in Yazd and more than 5,000 hair transplants have been performed in this clinic so far. Holding the experience of more than 15 years of activities in hair transplant services in Iran, Behsima clinic is nowadays among the most famous cosmetic centers dedicating their effort to all kinds of hair transplant methods with latest modern and updated tools in this cosmetic field. It is one of the pioneer clinics active in hair transplant in Yazd.

In addition to hair transplantation services that this clinic offers to national and international patients, other services, such as eyebrow, beard and mustache transplantation are also carried out in this cosmetic center.
The methods of hair transplantation in this clinic are the FIT method and FUT method and also the combined method which is nowadays among the best hair transplant methods which is a scar less one. Also, achieving the highest amount of hair transplant graphs in just one session is one of the main advantages of this clinic.

Hair Transplant in Yazd, Behsima clinic employs best Mesotherapy doctors and skin specialists to give out the best high quality services in the shortest time possible with most successful results. Highly experienced staff are ready to serve national and international patients here to make them decide the best cosmetic treatment they are looking for by consultation they give to them.
Also Other non-plastic cosmetic services are carried out in this clinic which are among the most common ones are Botox and Gel injections and all kinds of laser therapies.

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