Clinic Name: Razi

Location: Iran, Tehran

Clinic Services: Hair transplantation with all kinds of global methods, and other cosmetic services, including filler injections, gel injection, fat injection, Botox, all kinds of laser therapy, hair removal laser therapy by Alex Elight SHR, skin lesions removal by laser therapy, skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal treatments, treating all kinds of skin and hair issues, mesotherapy, mole and warts removal.
The friendly and highly experienced staff are ready to serve national and international patients here to make them decide the best cosmetic treatment they are looking for.
Clinic earned the Official Health and treatment certificate and is active in two official shifts employing highly skilled dermatologists.

Razi Clinic

Razi Clinic provides the most extensive beauty services especially in the field of skin and hair. In the skin section, qualified experts from the Association of Skin, Hair and Beauty of Iran consult patients about the best methods of treatment which suits them. Due to the advancement of medical science, many of the skin injuries, as well as the problems and complications of aging, can be treated and prevented.
Lasers are widely used in cosmetic medicine today. The laser is, in fact, nothing but a highly focused light that can reach the target tissue and cause changes in it by the heat produced.
With the advanced equipment such as a laser, a wide range of specialized services in all areas of treatment will be offered to patients.
1.Dermatology & Beauty Consultation.
2. Facial and body hair loss by laser.
3. treatment of facial wrinkles by laser.
4. Treatment of vascular lesions and facial and limb capillaries by laser.
5 mole and freckles removal by laser or surgery.
6. Laser Tattoo Removal.
7. Microdermabrasion for skin cleansing and removing skin lesions
by Radio Frequency.
9.variation of skin pilling.
10. Hyaluronic acid gels injections.
(Gold Aphrodite )
Juvederm – Restylane – Perlane (licensed by the Ministry of Health).
11. Botox injection for wrinkles and frost lines.
(English Dysport licensed by the Ministry of Health).
12. Perform cryotherapy to remove warts and other skin lesions
13. FUT-FIT Natural Hair Transplant.
14. Oxotherapy

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