Canthoplasty in Iran

With canthoplasty, you are one step closer to achieving almond-shaped and upturned eyes. Learn about AriaMedTour’s all-inclusive packages for canthoplasty in Iran.

Canthoplasty in Iran

With canthoplasty, you are one step closer to achieving almond-shaped and upturned eyes. Learn about AriaMedTour’s all-inclusive packages for canthoplasty in Iran.

Canthoplasty, commonly known as cat eye surgery or cat eye lift, is one of the dozen types of blepharoplasty. The surgery is performed through various techniques, with all aiming to achieve the same stunning foxy eyes. To learn more about what the surgery entails and how you can get it done in Iran for half the price, continue reading. For a thorough and free online consultation about almond eye surgery, you can fill out the form above.

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Why choose Iran for canthoplasty surgery?

Receiving thousands of plastic surgery patients every year, Iran boasts some of the most experienced and well-trained specialists. Their expertise stems from their extensive knowledge both in surgical techniques and in aesthetic approaches. What’s more, the reliable healthcare system coupled with affordable costs have made Iran an ideal hub for various cosmetic procedures.

Why choose AriaMedTour?

AriaMedTour is more than a care assistant company. Our unique solutions, customized treatment plans, and all-inclusive packages promise a completely satisfactory journey. We will handle the A to Z of your trip, leaving you the surgery alone to be concerned about. Get in touch with one of our patient coordinators to learn more about what we can offer.

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Canthoplasty surgery in Iran: All you need to know

Canthoplasty is a type of eyelid surgery that focuses on the outer corners of the eyes. By lifting these parts of the skin, the surgeon can offer a smooth, wrinkle-free skin and younger-looking eyes. Cat eye surgery aims to alter the shape of the eyelids to provide attractive and natural-looking results.

Medically known as lateral canthoplasty, cat eye lift is a reconstructive surgery. It involves tightening the skin, muscles, and ligaments in the outer corner of the eyes (lateral).

During the surgery, the surgeon makes a small incision in the outer corner of the eyes so that he or she can have access to the canthal tendon (which is responsible for the eyelids’ position). Then, the tendon is repositioned and tightened to achieve the desired lifted look in the eyes. The new position of the tendon is then fixed using sutures. The entire procedure will take about 1 to 2 hours.

Although the basics are usually the same, each oculoplasty surgeon implements their own surgical techniques to provide optimal outcomes. You can discuss your surgeon’s methods during your pre-op consultation with them.

What is Canthopexy?

Canthopexy is a less invasive procedure that offers the same lifted effects using sutures. The surgery is ideal for those who wish to lift their lateral eyelid without reshaping their eyes.

Canthoplasty among celebrities

Celebrities and social media are hands-down the main drivers of the new almond eyes trend. Also called the “foxy eyes”, the look almost dominates Kendal Jenner and Bella Hadid’s Instagram accounts. Some experts even claim that these celebrities have been under the knife to achieve these eyes. The canthoplasty procedure is now more popular than ever before because who doesn’t like to have penetrating eyes similar to Hadid’s?


Bella Hadid is renowned as the most beautiful woman in the world for a reason!

How much is cat eye surgery in Iran?

Depending on your desired results and the surgeon’s methods, cat eye surgery cost in Iran falls between $1000 and $3500. This is exceedingly low compared to the USA or Turkey where canthoplasty cost starts from $5000 and $2500 respectively.

How do cat eye surgery results look like?

The almond eye surgery or canthoplasty is a very effective procedure that offers horizontally elongated eyes. Usually, the result will be determined based on the patient’s surgical goals and expectations. Most patients desire horizontal and slightly upwards effect. Here you can see some before and after photos of the cat eye surgery results achieved in Iran.

Is canthoplasty the right procedure for me?

Anyone who desires lifted eyelids and elongated eyes can benefit from canthoplasty. Cat eye surgery is specifically suited for you If you:

  • have horizontally short eyes
  • have eyes that are too close to each other
  • have had an unsuccessful blepharoplasty
  • have sad-looking eyes
  • want more feminized eyes
  • have eyelids that are so low that too much of the white sclera below the iris is showing.

You can also have a free online consultation with our specialists to find out if cat eye surgery is the right procedure for you.

How is cat eye lift recovery like?

The recovery can take about 7 to 10 days after the surgery. During this time, try to rest as much as you can and avoid touching or rubbing your eyes. You should also refrain from staring at screens like your phone or TV and reading for a long time as these activities can put a strain on your eyes. As for sleeping, your doctor will probably advise you to sleep on your back for a few days. Moreover, you shouldn’t wear contact lenses for 2 to 4 weeks after the surgery when your recovery will be complete.

How can I plan my trip to Iran for cat eye surgery?

The complexity and uncertainty of having a medical or cosmetic procedure abroad might make you doubt the decision. Once you have decided to have canthoplasty in Iran, you should choose a proper surgeon and book appointments. Then, you should prepare for your trip which requires a lot of preparation. You should plan for a 7-day trip to Iran at the least. So, in order to ensure a successful and safe journey, it is important to get in touch with a reliable team before getting on the plane.

At AriaMedTour, we assign a team to every patient to handle everything regarding trip planning, medical appointment, language barrier, safety, recovery, and follow-up, etc. You won’t have anything to be concerned about except for the surgery alone because your journey matters to us.

Feel free to contact us for a free consultation. This will be the first and most important step of your journey. During these consultation sessions, you can both seek professional medical opinions and learn about various travel facilitation packages. We will help you learn about the entire process including how to choose the best surgeon, book accommodation, schedule the appointment and what to expect during the trip.

Frequently Asked Questions About Canthoplasty

You may have mild to moderate swelling and bruising for about a week post-op. Some extent of soreness and tightness is also normal. Your eyes might get dry and itchy and you might have blurry vision for a few days. Your doctor might prescribe medication to subside these side-effects.

It depends on the type of surgery that you choose to undergo. If the surgery is focused on the lower eyelid (which canthoplasty usually is), then you can expect the results to be long-lasting. It also depends on your age and skin elasticity as the process of aging happens regardless of the surgery.

Not when you go with an experienced surgeon who is worth his salt! This type of eyelid surgery requires minor incisions and an expert knows how to make them in the subtlest way possible.

Most surgeons prefer local anesthesia while performing canthoplasty.

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