Inverted nipple surgery in Iran

Nipple correction surgery or inverted nipple repair is a plastic surgery for those with inverted nipples. This problem occurs when one’s milk ducts are too short that force the inside muscles and make the nipples pull inward instead of sticking out. As a result, the appearance of breasts is changed that makes the person lose self-confidence.

Approximately, 10% of women are affected by inverted nipples. If you feel embarrassed because of your inverted nipples, this remedy is a suitable option for you to make them natural.

Why is a nipple correction needed?

Nipple correction surgery is typically performed for aesthetic reasons. In addition to that, it affects breastfeeding. Nipple correction problem falls into three categories or 3 grades. When you go for a checkup, you would be categorized in one of the groups. The method is chosen afterwards.

Grade 1: The mildest form of inverted nipple is Grade 1. The nipples of this category are either flat or slightly inverted. Breastfeeding is possible in this grade. When stimulated by touch or temperature, they come out but after a period of time, they would get flat again.

normal, flat and inverted nipple

Illustration of a healthy nipple in comparison to a flat and an inverted nipple

Grade 2: You are still able to breastfeed in this group which is similar to group one. They become everted after stimulation but they will immediately go back in rather tha remaining everted for a period of time.

Grade 3: It is almost impossible for you to breastfeed if you are in this category. Nipples never come out even when stimulated. This grade is the most severe one.

Are you a good candidate for nipple correction?

You are a good candidate for nipple correction if you:

  • Are categorized in one of the grades mentioned;
  • Have extremely large nipples;
  • Are physically healthy;
  • Have never had this surgery before;
  • Have disproportionate and asymmetrical nipples;
  • Have mental and psychological stability;
  • Are at least 18 years old;
  • Are not pregnant;
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Have very small nipples;

You are not a good candidate for nipple correction if you:

  • Are pregnant or want to have children soon;
  • Have unrealistic expectations of the surgery.
  • Are unhealthy; whether psychologically or physically;
  • Are less than eighteen;

How is a nipple correction surgery performed?

The surgery takes between 1 and 2 hours. Depending on the case, general anesthesia, local anesthesia or sedation are administrated. Your surgeon incises your nipples and areola to have access to your milk ducts which have made your nipples inverted. Then, your nipples are pulled out to their normal shape and your breast(s) are advanced forward. Your surgeon makes sure that your milk ducts won’t cause your nipples to invert again. At the end, they close the incisions. After a night of stay in hospital, you can go home.

inverted nipple correction surgery

Steps of an inverted nipple correction procedure

What to do before a nipple correction?

After determining the right nipple correction method, your surgeon has a consultation session with you and elaborates on the procedure. The steps below are required:

  • Breast x-ray mammogram;
  • Blood test;
  • Avoid taking aspirin 2 weeks prior to the appointment;
  • Stop smoking;
  • Don’t eat and drink anything the night before your surgery;
  • Take the medications prescribed by your doctor;
  • Avoid anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • Stop using herbal supplements;

    before and after inverted nipple surgery

    Before and after inverted nipple correction surgery

What are nipple correction recovery and post-operative cares?

It is essential to consider post-operative cares as follows:

  • Strenuous activities are not permitted within the first weeks;
  • Use icepacks;
  • Apply light dressing for two weeks;
  • Put cotton pads on your nipples under your bra to keep it clean;
  • Use surgical bras;
  • On the second day after the surgery, take a shower;
  • Massage Palmer’s Vitamin E Skin Therapy Oil three times a day to heal your scars;
  • Eat healthy and organic food. Vegetables are beneficial;

     nipple correction surgery before and after

    Before and after nipple correction surgery

Post-operative medical cares mentioned decrease the chance of developing side effects and complications.

What are common side effects and risks of a nipple correction?

As nipple correction is a safe surgical treatment, the risks and complications related to it are extremely rare. But, it is better to be well informed about the possible complications, which are slight bleeding, infection, complications of anesthesia, inability to breastfeed, scabbing, scar becoming thick, asymmetry of nipples, decrease in sensation.

Some of the complications mentioned only may happen for smokers. Smoking interferes with any kind of surgical procedure’s healing process. So, it is better to stop it weeks before the appointment.

How much does a nipple correction cost?

Nipple correction surgery costs differently depending on the surgeon, hospital facility, and the anesthetist. This cosmetic surgery is not usually covered by insurance. The average price for inverted nipple repair surgery is $2,350.

Nipple correction surgery in Iran

Cosmetic surgeries are popular in Iran. As nipple correction is related to a well-favored body and affects one’s self-confidence, it is important for Iranian ladies to take it seriously. There are well-equipped clinics offering a vast range of cosmetic procedures with the assistance of professional surgeons. These clinics are located in Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Tabriz, Mashhad, and Kish Island. These clinics perform affordable plastic surgeries, including nipple correction.

Nipple correction surgery cost in Iran    

Though the quality of surgeries including the proficiency of the surgeon, hospital facility, and checkups are high, plastic surgeries in Iran are much more affordable than other countries. A nipple correction surgery in Iran, for example, starts at $500 while in the United Kingdom it costs £1,500 to £4,360, in the United States $2,000 to $4,000, and in India $925.

AriaMedTour will help you plan your travel to Iran and find a suitable and affordable clinic for nipple correction surgery. If you apply below, our staff will contact you to provide you with detailed information.

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