Laser lipolysis in Iran

It has been years since the widely-trusted technique of liposuction was introduced to aid those who wish for slimmer bodies. The procedure was mostly regarded as a magical one, yielding results in almost no time (not to exaggerate, we would have to say in a short while); However, not unlike lots of things that are too good to be true, it has its own drawbacks and shortcomings. laser lipolysis

The advent of the newly-designed technique of laser lipolysis seems to have opened new horizons before those who are interested in getting rid of their pockets of body fat and want to make sure that they will be left with minimal side effects after they receive the treatment. A wide host of researchers believe that this rather novel technique is the answer to the prayers of many people who have been waiting for a more efficient method with fewer disadvantages. Body sculpting seems to have leapt forward to work miracles for fat, saggy bellies, unshapely thighs and bulging waistlines.

What is Laser lipolysis technique and how does it work?

The ultimate goal is to melt fat! Just as easy as that; or is it?! Using heat from fiber-optic lasers, laser lipolysis, as a minimally invasive procedure, aims to melt away body fat. The big difference between liposuction and laser lipolysis method is that while the former uses a method of removing body fat via vacuum suction, the latter, as already mentioned, uses lasers to melt the same undesirable excess of fat in various body parts. The added benefit of the more recent method is that it prompts and stimulates the production of protein collagen in the body which in turn results in firmer skin over the site receiving the procedure.

During the treatment, the doctor marks off the area on which the procedure will be done with a marker. A customized applicator pattern will target the right area. The patient will be advised to lie back so that the applicators would fit on their body. Afterwards, a machine called the sculpture machine will be turned on and the procedure will begin.laser lipolysis for fat removal

If all this sounds a little bit scary, we would like to assure you that there is nothing to worry about! During the treatment, you will feel a cold sensation which will have a relaxing effect. These will take up to four to five minutes which will count as the warm-up phase of the treatment. The next twenty minutes will be a little more intense as you will feel alternating sensations of warmth and cooling; this is the part when the laser destroys the fat cells beneath your layers of skin.

Possible risks and complications of laser lipolysis method

Generally speaking, laser lipo is a very safe treatment. Compared to the traditional liposuction procedure, the novel laser-based development bears far fewer side effects and risks. However, patients undergoing laser lipolysis will usually experience some bruising and swelling; these are temporary side effects and hopefully will subside within several days. Since the procedure is done on an outpatient basis, the recovery is usually quick. Aside from the few specifically relevant side effects, all surgeries have some general risks including infection, bleeding, scarring, nerve injury, adverse reaction to anesthesia, and blood clots the odds of encountering which in laser lipolysis, however, are slim. Liposuction, on the other hand, is generally known to bear some added risks besides those mentioned above; these might include contour irregularity, asymmetry, seroma (a pocket of fluid under the skin), skin discoloration, and burn.

Results of laser lipolysis treatment

The expected results from this kind of treatment are highly dependent on whether or not the doctor would use suction; nonetheless, one could generally expect to lose fat about the size of the fist from the treated area. Results reveal themselves sixth week after the procedure and might not fully surface until the eighth week. In case suction is applied to the treatment, the results would be more dramatic and more easily noticeable.results of laser lipolysis

Who is a goog candidate for laser lipolysis treatment?

Not a lot of criteria have to be met so that someone would qualify as a candidate for this procedure. Anyone who suffers from unwanted areas of fat and wishes to get rid of the excess of sagging pockets of stubborn fat could be a perfect candidate for this sort of treatment. That said, we also feel obliged to mention that those who are close to their healthy body weight (with ideal or almost-ideal BMI) would make better candidates of laser lipolysis treatments. Also, patients had better have realistic expectations about the results of the treatment; for a more accurate perspective of what you might look like after the treatment, make sure to consult with your doctor before making any final decision. This means that people who suffer from obesity would not benefit from this type of treatment; after all, laser lipo procedures are not designed to help people lose significant amounts of weight. Moreover, pregnant women are not suitable candidates to undergo the said procedure.laser lipolysis candidates

Laser lipolysis treatment in Iran

For a long time, Iran has been one of the major pioneers of all treatments related to rejuvenation, beauty, and enhancement of the physical appearance of human body. Operations such as liposuction and laser lipolysis treatment are quite popular among Iranians. Medical facilities such as specialized clinics and hospitals enhance and facilitate such surgeries for the patients and provide them with high-quality services. Furthermore, the average cost of having such procedures as liposuction and laser lipolysis are considerably lower compared to most other countries which offer the same or similar medical services; therefore, choosing Iran to have a surgery such as the above-mentioned done seems like a good idea.

Laser lipolysis cost in Iran

In terms of prices, one could compare the cost of the said surgeries with neighboring and European and American countries, only then one could make an informed decision: the approximate cost of a laser lipolysis for belly and flanks in Iran amount to only $1000; the same procedure, however, costs a total of $2400 in Turkey, $3000 to $4000 in the United States and an average of more than $4000 in the United Kingdom.

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