Teeth Whitening in Iran

Get pearly-white teeth with AriaMedTour at the best dental clinics
and return home with a beaming smile.

Teeth Whitening in Iran

Get pearly-white teeth with AriaMedTour at the best dental clinics and return home with a beaming smile.

Does it make you insecure to show your teeth while smiling? Have you tried all kinds of home remedies but failed to achieve the Hollywood smile you see on TV? Look no further, Iran is, in fact, home to premium quality cosmetic dentistry. Whether you are planning to get teeth whitening in conjunction with another procedure (as many of our patients do), or are traveling to Iran only to get the Hollywood smile, continuing reading can help you get a grasp of what it entails to whiten your teeth in the land of Persia.

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Teeth whitening in Iran: all you need to know

Teeth whitening can be performed at home using techniques such as oil-pulling, home remedies or commercial products. The most effective and significant results, however, come with professional teeth whitening that is also called in-office teeth whitening. In Iran, the increasing demand for Hollywood smile has led to rapid developments in cosmetic dentistry. National and international patients can now benefit from the wide experience of highly-skilled Iranian specialists and fully-equipped clinics at decent prices. Let’s have a look at the teeth whitening procedure and why getting a Hollywood smile with teeth whitening in Iran can offer an experience you won’t forget.

How is teeth whitening performed?

The teeth whitening technique will take about an hour. To perform the procedure, the dentist uses a bleaching agent and a certain light energy that helps the bleaching gel to penetrate the enamel and whiten the teeth from within. As the technique removes any stains that exist on the outside of the tooth (extrinsic discoloration) as well as those beneath the enamel, it offers considerably whiter results immediately after the procedure.

The bleaching agent can be either the hydrogen peroxide itself or carbamide peroxide which will be broken down to form hydrogen peroxide. The teeth whitening gel used by a professional dental hygienist contains 3% to 16% of hydrogen peroxide. This percentage is only allowed to be used by a professional. The take-home kits or teeth whitening trays contain less hydrogen peroxide and are often given to the patient to prolong teeth whiteness.

The dentist uses light to accelerate the bleaching process and increase the effectiveness of the whitening agent. There are different types of power or light that can be used during bleaching. One of the most recent light beams used for teeth whitening is Phillips Zoom light. This source of energy can sufficiently activate the whitening gel without damaging the soft tissue or resulting in tooth sensitivity. In Iran, zoom light is used by the majority of cosmetic dentists because of its effectiveness and minimal risk of tooth sensitivity after the process.

It is important to note that the teeth whitening procedure is effective for people with good oral health and permanent teeth. People with dental crowns cannot achieve the same result on their crowned teeth.

Teeth whitening methods

There are multiple methods that can be used to whiten teeth. The type of teeth whitening technique will be chosen based on the degree of discoloration, your budget, age, and current dental condition. This is why examining patients before the procedure is highly important. Here are some of the main approaches that a dentist can take to whiten your teeth:

  • Light-assisted teeth whitening:

    This is the most common type of teeth whitening. The dentist applies bleaching agent on your teeth and then emits a certain energy light to activate the substance.

woman wearing protective glasses in dental office getting teeth whitening with light beams

  • In-chair teeth whitening:

    This technique is performed using high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide without applying light. The method is suitable for those with excessive tooth hypersensitivity. Dentists rarely perform the procedure as it will take more than two hours for the whitening agent to activate and remove the discoloration.

  • Internal teeth whitening:

    Patients who have undergone an endodontics procedure, often face tooth discoloration due to the absence of nerve inside the tooth. A tooth that has had a root canal tends to be darker and duller than the rest of your teeth. Also called a dead tooth, a root canal tooth cannot be whitened at the same rate that a healthy tooth can. To brighten the color of a dead tooth, dentists use internal bleaching technique. During this method, the bleaching agent is sealed off inside the tooth. It will be removed every few weeks until the desired whiteness is achieved.

Why teeth whitening in Iran?

Quality of Care: The quality of dental care in Iran is on par with pioneering westerner countries. In Iran, teeth whitening is performed using substances and equipment found in countries like the USA and Canada. With the professional medical tourism agencies in Iran, cross-border patients can now benefit from insurance, on-call care team support, interpreter, and effective after-treatment care.

Skilled Specialists: Many Iranian patients are now looking to obtain the so-called Hollywood smile. As a result, cosmetic dentistry is rapidly gaining popularity and Iranian dentists are broadening their experience in the cosmetic dentistry more than ever before. In addition to that, most Iranian dentists have acquired their certification from some of the most distinguished universities around the world.

Iran’s attractions: With most surgical procedures, patients will face restrictions that prevent them from enjoying Iran’s beauty to the full. But, teeth whitening can be performed in less than 2 hours and requires no downtime. Therefore, you can wear your Hollywood smile and go sight-seeing in Tajrish, hitchhike to Shiraz, or even go skiing in Tochal. In other words, teeth whitening in Iran means you can hit two birds with one stone by enhancing your smile and going on an adventure.

Another factor that comes to play as to why Iran is so popular for Hollywood smile is the cost of teeth whitening in the country.

Teeth whitening cost in Iran

The cost of teeth whitening in Iran is about $500 on average. The price is lower than that of other countries without dentists’ compromising the quality of services. In other words, you can receive the same quality of care (if not better) found in the US at cheaper prices.

The affordable cost of teeth whitening in Iran entices many international patients. Many of our nose job patients who travel to Iran for rhinoplasty end up getting a Hollywood smile as well when they realize they can achieve excellent results at low cost. You can check out our previous patients’ teeth whitening testimonials, as well as teeth whitening before and after photos.

If you are considering teeth whitening but are unsure you can afford the expenses, you can contact AriaMedTour to get a free quote plus consultation and select one of our Hollywood smile packages.

Is it safe to perform professional teeth whitening?

The potential side effects of teeth whitening might occur immediately after the procedure and will likely subside within 1 to 3 days. Tooth sensitivity and gum irritation are considered as the main side effects of teeth whitening.man having teeth whitening mouth guard in place before and after his teeth being whitened

Having the procedure in the fully equipped clinics of Iran can be a further reassurance that there will be minimal (if any) complications following the procedure.

Having professional teeth whitening in Iran: what to expect

The decision to undergo any procedure begins with research. If you are opting for teeth whitening in Iran, research can be even more vital. You can start gathering information by having a free consultation with our healthcare team. They will do their best to provide you with information about the procedure and how to choose the most suitable specialist.

Through AriaMedTour, you can also make sure that everything related to trip planning will be taken care of. Flight, lodging, transfer, 24/7 interpreter and many more will be arranged by AriaMedTour. We also provide sightseeing packages for you to enjoy your stay in Iran even more. Let’s depict the teeth whitening journey from the very first step:

After arriving at the airport and meeting your interpreter, you will be transferred to your hotel. When the appointment date arrives, you will visit your dentist at his/her office. With your personal interpreter at your side, you and the specialist will discuss the terms of the procedure. The dentist will ask about your expectations and the degree of whiteness you wish to achieve.  Once you are prepared, the procedure begins. Here is how a teeth whitening is done, step by step:

  1. A dental impression of your teeth is taken to prepare your take-home whitening kit if you need one.
  2. The practitioner will pumice your teeth to remove any plaque on the tooth surface.
  3. Gauze and a contraption or mouth guard will be placed in your mouth to protect your gums and other soft tissue from the bleaching gel. Also, you will be given safety glasses to protect your vision from the laser/light beam.
  4. The bleaching agent (whether carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide) is applied on your teeth.
  5. The specialist beams light into your mouth. You might feel some discomfort similar to electric shocks during this stage of the procedure. Inform the dentist if it gets intolerable. This step could last for 30 to 60 minutes. In most cases, light is applied with short intervals.
  6. Once your teeth reach the desired shade, they will be rinsed. And, the dental specialist will reveal the results to you. You will immediately see whiter teeth and a brighter smile.

You might also be given at-home whitening kits. You can use these trays once a month to prolong the results.

Teeth whitening aftercare

Different individuals have different teeth and different dentists take different approaches when giving aftercare instructions to their patients. Some specialists suggest using the whitening kit every day for a week after the in-office procedure. Based on your case and your expectations, you may or may not be given an at-home bleaching tray.

In the first 48 hours after the procedure, it is crucial to be mindful of what you eat. During this time, your teeth can stain quite quickly. If you want to maintain your teeth whiteness, you should avoid eating foods and beverages that could leave a stain on a white T-shirt. Some examples of such foods include:

  • Wine
  • Coffee or tea
  • Fruits (except for banana)
  • Beets
  • Chocolate
  • Acidic foods

After teeth whitening, your teeth could get relatively more sensitive than before. It is helpful to use special toothpaste that is made to reduce tooth sensitivity. To prevent discomfort in your teeth, you should also avoid foods that are too hot or too cold.

Frequently Asked Questions About Teethe Whitening

Teeth whitening is not a permanent solution. Depending on each individual, the results can last between 6 months to 3 years. The more you smoke or eat staining foods, the sooner your teeth will fade back. Using at-home whitening kits can help maintain longer-lasting results. Veneering is another type of cosmetic dental procedure that can provide flawless and white teeth almost permanently.

Teeth whitening can be moderately painful. People have different pain thresholds but according to many, the pain experienced during professional teeth bleaching resembles electric shocks. Most people can tolerate it and others can discuss ways to reduce the pain.

There are many ways to whiten your teeth. From the cheap coconut oil to the expensive veneers, they all aim to give you a brighter smile. The best option would be the one that is most suitable for you and your budget. While commercial products and home remedies can remove stains on your teeth surface, the most noticeable results are those achieved at the dental office

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