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the site was really helpful. all parts are well described. i was planing on coming to iran for a gastric sleeve surgery . i was really well informed. thank you


dear team.
I found your site really useful. alongside of the treatments information the tour quides were also really helpful and providing foreigners good data. good luck!


Iran is really strong in plastic surgery treatments . my friend is looking forward to undergo a rhinoplasty surgery and i would highly recommend this website to her . hope she gets results soon .


i would like to do a rhinoplasty in Iran although i live in canada, as i heard the cost is even half of other countries such as Canada and Australia. would definitely contact you guys. good luck


Last year I was looking for an eye cataract treatments for my father as far as in my country Jordan, the prices were so high and we have lack of eye specialists. on the other hand , the medical facilities in my country was not satisfying at all. so i started searching medical centers i other countries specially the ones near me like Iran as i heard also a lot about the doctors and modern hospitals that they have and in addition Iranian surgeons are among the highly skilled ones in all around the world in medical fields like eye… Read more »


Ariamedtour is such a professional team! so much better than Australia. i would definitely recommend this team to my friends and family to come here and use the marvelous and high quality services. i was here for my skin care treatments and really happy about the results. Best wishes for all of you guys.


I had quite a great experience in Tehran with this team . They were really helpful from the time i arrived at the airport till i get to my hotel. last year i was here for my mothers dental implants from England and i was really satisfied with all the services presented. the doctor was really friendly and fluent in English which was quite an advantage . we had a 24 hour on call assistant for interpreting also all the transfer to clinic and hotels were done on time. last day we preferred to take a city tour for sightseeing… Read more »


I was searching for my rhinoplasty over 5 years. I googled almost everywhere . After my research on the internet, I found Ariamedtour team and they gave me all the information about this surgery even before i confirmed my arrival . they were really helpful. At first, I had doubts about going abroad for undergoing a surgery like this but thank god the team was really supportive. I am so glad I found them and regards to my friendly doctor I am really happy about my result this was probably the best decisions I’ve ever made and im totally satisfied… Read more »

Mahmoud Rahimi

Dear Dr. Mondegar,
My name is Mahmoud Rahimi and I am the brother of Ahmad Rahimi your patient. I just want to say thank you for all your help with my brother heart surgery. I pray that Allah will always keep you healthy, happy and blessed in your future courier.

Best regards,


I wouldn’t imagine that I would get such great result for my rhinoplasty . I didn’t experience pain at all and After passing a few days the swelling faded away. I had quite a great experience here with AriaMedtour team the staff and doctor were always with me anywhere and everywhere also after the surgery i had the follow up procedure . I highly recommend this team to everybody.
greetings from canada!


My son is 14 years old and he recently got an operation for the prominent ears. I have to admit he had problems at school with friends always making fun of him so we decided to get him a Cosmetic Surgery abroad. I was really worried about the procedure but special Thanks to the Iranian experienced Doctor he had quite a painless surgery the staff were really professional and nice and also AriaMedTour group was always completely there for us, by phone, present at the hospital and hotel and airport. They got us our visa, plane ticket, hotel and anything… Read more »


Thank you very much for everything. I really enjoyed my trip to Iran and I learned lots of things about Persian culture too. I am very satisfied with my dental implants as in my country they were extremely expensive . from the moment i got back to my country i am talking about you guys to my friends and i am recommending to anybody else who wants dental treatments to come to Iran as Iranian doctors are also really friendly and experienced . Hope to see you guys again and good luck .


I was here in Iran for almost two months ago . I heard a lot about the culture and history and as my husband was searching for a hair transplant online, he saw AriaMedtour website and that the doctors CV and also the before and after photos were really clear and helped him decide better which doctor suits him more. so finally he reached a conclusion and we traveled to Iran. From the moment we were there the kind tour leader was with us and guide us to our hotel right on the same day we went to the doctor… Read more »


The results are everything I could have hoped for. Thanks Ariamedtour!


The most informative medical tourism site I’ve ever seen. Everything is well-described and straightforward. Good job


Hi guys, This is Sara from Canada. I had my nose job with you in December. I just wanted to let you know, an all people who might be looking for good rhinoplasty services,that I had an amazing experience with Ariamedtour. They are a team of gorgeous people who take care of you the moment you step in their country till you leave. That was one of my best experience of a foreign trip. Everything was perfect. Not only that, I also am very satisfied with my nose. After six months, my nose is now in the most ideal shape,… Read more »


I came iran two years ago for eye surgery in mashhad. Iran has good doctors and hospitals and they treat me very good now i have good eyelight. The only thing i wish i didnt is i did not come with help of a company like Aria and I came alone and employed a translator who was not very good and take very money from me. If i want to come to iran for treatment again i will sure choose Aria because everything is clear and they have very good services. Shukran

Obiajulu from Nigeria

Hello I took my father to Tehran last year for a cancer treatment. He had bladder cancer and he had Radical cystectomy in one of the best hospitals in Tehran. I wanted to say that Iran is very developed in medical field and there are very good doctors in Iran who are very skilled. Also the services we received in the hospital were great. The nurses and the hospital staff were very nice to us. They spoke English very well. The costs were also very affordable, both hospital costs and other costs out of the hospital were very low. The… Read more »


Salam I had my nose job with dr. Boromand last year and you guys helped me a lot. I remember a very nice interpreter was always with me whenever I wanted to go out and I texted him on whatsapp. He spoke both farsi and arabic very well. I know Farsi a little but it wasn’t enough, because I live in bahrain and I have a lot of Iranian friends here. By the way, I am very happy with my nose now. It was too big before surgery and now it is normal and proportionate to my face :) Thank… Read more »


This website is very good. I was looking for a good doctor for breast implant and I saw this website and contacted them. They were very helpful and gave me every information I wanted. Now I plan to go to iran in autumn and have a surgery, unless something unexpected happens. I am from Egypt


I am Indonesian working in saudi arabia. one of my friends had nose surgery in Iran 3 yers ago. her nose was very big and fleshy but after her operating it became so beautiful :). Here in saudi arabia nose surgery doctors are very bad and they take a lot of money. I know that iran is the best country for doing nose surgery. Maybe i will come one day to operate my nose. my nose is not as big as my friend by the way but i want it to be smaller.


Medical tourism in Iran can be much better than the status quo. I did a lot of research into the status of Iranian healthcare services and I found out that Iranian medical capabilities are great. The human resources are unparalleled and the infrastructure and facilities have seen great developments over the past years. I think advertisement has been ignored so far in medical tourism in Iran and that is the main reason people are less familiar with the capacity of the country.


As someone who used Ariamedtour services I highly recommend the company. It provides high-class services to its patients. I had hair transplant with them, which was a good experience. They won’t let you down for sure.
I am from New Zealand


Greetings from Italy, I’ve been looking for the best option for a couple of plastic surgeries for more than a year until a few days ago that I met an old friend who recommended Iran. She had herself a rhinoplasty in Iran and says it was a great experience. Now I want to plan a trip to Iran to have my breasts and buttocks lifted, and two dimples on my cheeks :)) I read your website and it gave me an impression that you are a professional company. Just waiting for a few things to be settled on my part… Read more »


Very nice guys are at Ariamedtour. I had an unforgettable experience with them. I think Ariamedtour guys are just the tip of the iceberg of the Iranian people. They are very nice and hospitable. A travel to Iran will completely change your image about Iran. It is one of the best countries to visit. The hospitals in Iran are also of great quality and very modern. I had a chin implant procedure and now really feel very good about it.


In january 2019 I travelled to Iran with my boyfriend to do rhinoplasty in Tehran. This is my experience: 1. Ariamedtour I chose their package C, witch included the nose job, one week at Tehrans most luxurious hotel, transfer from and to the airport, interpreter and transfer for all medical purposes, a welcome dinner, and visa (but you have to pay almost 200 dollars at the airport). Im very satisfied with all their services, they were avaiIable on the phone 24/7, they provided all the information I needed, and they helped me with all the problems I had while being… Read more »