Arm Lift in Iran

It’s time to get rid of loose arm skin or ‘bat wings’ and resume wearing short-sleeved clothes.

Arm Lift in Iran

It’s time to get rid of loose arm skin or ‘bat wings’ and resume wearing short-sleeved clothes.

You’re not Batman but you’ve got ‘bat wings’! You’re tired of the ugly loose skin hanging from your arms and want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Maybe you’ve gone to great lengths to get a tight arm skin by doing daily workouts, but the flabby skin is still there. In this situation, going for a surgical procedure is your last option. An arm lift is exactly what you need to have your droopy arm skin tightened. If you already know about the procedure and are looking for options to get it done, fill in the above form or contact us for a free consultation and price quote. If you want to learn more about arm lift, just keep reading.

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Why Iran for arm lift?

You can get your flabby arms corrected in Iran at prices you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Not only that, but the expertise of Iranian plastic surgeons are also widely known. Iran also enjoys modern hospitals and clinics equipped with the latest technologies, which are staffed with highly trained and caring nurses. Finally, Iranian people love tourists and you would be kindly treated once you travel to Iran for your surgery.

Why AriaMedTour?

It’s not a good idea to organize a plastic surgery abroad on your own, especially if you are not familiar with the country. AriaMedTour is a reputable medical tourism facilitator that takes care of all your affairs related to your trip and treatment in Iran from the beginning to the end, from picking you up from the airport to seeing you off and everything in between.

How much does it cost?

Arm lift prices in Iran range from $1500 to $3500 depending on the surgeon, the hospital, and the amount of work needed to be done on your arms. Unlike in many countries where arm lift prices are often given without taking the anesthesia and hospital fees into account, these prices include all the related expenses. Please feel free to contact us for an updated quote for an arm lift in Iran.

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Arm lift in Iran: All you need to know

Arms are crucial parts of the human body. They are essential in most daily activities, from assisting you in things as fundamental as eating to romantic ones like hugging, and less important ones such as shaking hands or scratching your back—or somebody else’s.

Not only do arms have functional importance but they also are key in physical attractiveness in both men and women. Muscular arms (especially the upper part) are seen as a sign of fitness in men — and even women — and thin upper arms are frown upon. There is a third scenario: saggy skin of underarm or in informal language ‘bat wings’.

woman with flabby arm (bat wings)

Drooping skin is even more annoying and awful than skinny arms, making the arms ugly-looking and embarrassing. For people with excessive fat or loose skin on the back of their upper arms, wearing short-sleeved clothes becomes a nightmare.

What causes saggy arm skin?

Loose skin of the arms is usually caused by aging or mass weight loss. As the skin of the arm does not have enough elasticity, it fails to shrink back to fit the reshaped arms after weight loss.

How to get rid of flabby arms?

Chances are you’ve seen some of those omnipresent “x effective ways to tone flabby arms,” and “best home exercise to get rid of bat wings quickly” articles on the internet, but the fact is that these exercise-based solutions aren’t as quick and effective as their writers claim are.

In fact, if your flabby arms are caused by excess fat deposits, it may be possible to slim them down with dieting and exercising in parallel with your overall body, but if because of significant weight loss or aging your arm skin has lost its elasticity and began to droop, exercise and diet will no longer work. Experts are of the opinion that sagging skin is unlikely to be corrected by exercise or medication.

The good news is that with today’s medical technologies and new surgical techniques, you can effortlessly get your flabby arms toned and reshaped. The cosmetic surgery addressing loose arm skin is called arm lift or brachioplasty.

What is arm lift surgery?

Arm lift is a type of cosmetic procedure that removes excess fat and drooping skin on the upper arms, between the armpit and the elbow, to improve the appearance of the arm and give it a new contour.

Arm lift surgery options

There are a few types of brachioplasty procedures, which are chosen depending on the extent of sagging underarm skin and fat and skin quality. Your surgeon discusses with you the pros and cons of each arm lift method prior to surgery and the right option will be selected based on your anatomy and preferences.

Arm lift with liposuction

If you’ve got stubborn fat under your arms and your arm skin has enough elasticity to fit tightly around the tissues after the fat has been removed, arm liposuction is a good option, without having to get incisions on your arms.

Mini arm lift (limited-incision brachioplasty)

If you have just developed some loose skin close to your armpit due to moderate weight loss or the aging process, a mini upper arm lift is best suited for you. In a min arm lift, a short incision is made under your arm to remove the excess skin.

Full arm lift (standard brachioplasty)

If you have a large amount of droopy skin with poor elasticity on your upper arms, either because you have gone through a significant weight loss or your aging process has affected your skin, a standard upper arm lift or full arm lift is the best option. In a standard brachioplasty, an incision is made along the inner side of your upper arm, extending from near the armpit down to the elbow.

Extended arm lift

An extended brachioplasty is similar to a standard arm lift, but the incision is longer, extending down on the body to include loose skin above your flanks along the side of the chest wall. This type of arm lift is done for people who have lost an extremely large amount of weigh in a short time, such as those who have lost weight after gastric bypass surgery.

It should be noted that using liposuction and one of the incisional techniques simultaneously is very common in a brachioplasty procedure, which provides the most ideal result for people who have both excess fat pockets and loose skin.

Am I a candidate for arm lift surgery?

You can consider a brachioplasty if you have one of these problems:

  • You have lost a lot of weight and are left with redundant sagging skin on your arms that resemble bat wings
  • You have the same problem due to aging
  • You have excess fat deposits on your upper arms that don’t respond to diet and exercise and you want to get rid of them immediately

And if:

  • You have a relatively stable weight and are not significantly overweight
  • You have good health with no medical condition that impairs healing
  • You have a positive outlook and have realistic expectations
  • You are a non-smoker

What to expect before arm lift surgery?

You will have a pre-operative consultation with your arm lift surgeon to discuss a number of issues. You should be prepared to answer some questions such as:

  • Do you have any medical condition or drug allergy?
  • Have you had any medical or cosmetic surgery before?
  • Do you take any medications or vitamin/herbal supplements?
  • Do you smoke, drink, or take any recreational drug?
  • What is your desired outcome? Why are you having an arm lift procedure?

Your brachioplasty surgeon may also:

  • Examine your arms and skin to see what technique is best suited for you
  • Take photos of your arms to be used for analysis before and during the surgery and/or for your medical record
  • Evaluate your risk factors and overall health
  • Discuss your options, anesthesia, likely outcomes, and potential complications

You are strongly advised to stop blood thinners and vitamin E at least one week before and one week following the surgery to reduce the risk of bruising and hematoma. You also need to avoid herbal medication and diet pills at least two weeks before surgery and one week after it.

What to expect during brachioplasty?

Typically, an arm lift is done under general anesthesia. In some cases, the doctor may apply IV sedation. When you are sedated using sedatives, you are medically conscious during the operation but you are not fully aware of what is going on and you will not remember it after the procedure.

Keep in mind that you should let your doctor know all your medical history and health issue prior to the operation so that he/she could choose the best method for anesthesia.

An arm lift surgery is typically expected to be as follows:

  • The surgeon makes marks on your upper arm according to which the incisions will be made
  • The surgeon applies anesthesia, either intravenous sedation or general anesthesia, depending on your preferences or his/her recommendation
  • If liposuction is also needed, the surgeon does a liposuction procedure
  • The surgeon makes the necessary incisions based on the extent of excess fat and skin
  • After the surgeon removes the excess skin and fat and creates a new contour for the arm, he/she closes the incision and stitches it up with absorbable sutures.
  • A sterile dressing and a compression garment will be applied on your incisions and a drain may be placed to drain any excess fluid or blood.
  • You will stay in the recovery room for around one hour until getting well enough to go home.

Arm lift surgery recovery and aftercare

Immediately after the operation, you are not expected to move your arms upwards. You might experience some swelling and bruising for 1-2 weeks after your surgery, which will fade away gradually. In order to reduce the postoperative pain, you are recommended to take oral painkillers for a few days. During the first few days after surgery, do not engage in intense physical activities and activities that require moving your arms.

Be sure to ask whatever questions you have regarding your recovery period, including:

  • When should I get the bandage/dressing removed?
  • Do I need to get stitches removed?
  • When should I come back for follow-up care?
  • When can I resume my normal activities and return to work?
  • What medications should I take or not take?

Complications and side effects of arm lift surgery

In rare cases, some patients might develop some complications like swelling, bruising, discomfort, tightness, tingling, numbness, adverse reaction to anesthesia, hematoma, seromas, and loss of sensation. The side effects will typically subside over the course of time.

Immediately call your doctor if you experience one of the following symptoms after arm lift surgery?

  • Chest pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Skin Redness
  • Fever

Brachioplasty in Iran: why should have an arm lift surgery in Iran?

The vast skill and experience of Iranian cosmetic surgeons, coupled with low healthcare costs in Iran, is the biggest reason people from various countries are increasingly showing a willingness to travel to the country for their cosmetic/medical treatment.

Iran also enjoys modern hospitals and clinics equipped with cutting-edge medical technologies and highly-trained and experienced specialists and paramedical staff, prepared to provide patients with first-class services. Many Iranian hospitals boast International Patients Departments (IPDs) specially equipped to provide VIP services to international patients.

Besides, Iran is a great country to visit. The hospitable people of Iran welcome tourists with open arms and treat them in the friendliest manner. People visiting Iran are often surprised upon arriving in Iran, for they see a country far different than the negative impression they had in mind, quite the opposite of the negative image constantly being promoted by the media.

In short, by planning a trip to Iran for an arm lift, you will kill two birds with one stone. With almost half the price you would spend for this service in the US or Europe, you can embark on an Iranian tour to both visit the many attractions of the beautiful country and get your arms reshaped and fit.

Arm lift cost in Iran

Prices for brachioplasty in Iran vary based on doctors, clinics, and the extent of the problem. On average, an arm lift procedure costs between $1500 and $3500 in Iran, which includes all related costs, such as anesthesia, medicines, clinic and doctor fee, etc.

We at AriaMedTour offer all-inclusive medical tourism packages at the most reasonable prices, which include all services you need for your arm lift surgery abroad (in Iran), such as the surgery, hotel, local transfer, interpreter and guide, follow-up, etc. Contact us via WhatsApp, Telegram, email, or online form to get a free quote for an arm lift in Iran.

Frequently Asked Questions About Arm Lift Surgery

An arm lift procedure typically takes one to two hours depending on some factors such as techniques used and the extent of excess fat or skin.

You won’t feel any pain while the operation is being carried out because anesthesia is applied, but the post-operative pain differs from person to person depending on the extent of incisions and your pain threshold. You’ll probably need to take oral pain relievers for a period of 5-7 days after surgery.

The cost of arm lift surgery in Iran ranges from $1000 to $2000 depending on the extent of your loose arm skin and the surgical techniques used.

Except in arm liposuction, in all arm lift procedures, incisions are necessary, which will leave a scar after healing. But depending on the length of the incision, its location, and the technique of the surgeon, the remaining scars will be different in terms of visibility. In minimal-incision arm lifts, the scar is often hidden under the arm. Be sure to discuss this with your surgeon before surgery. Also, see different before and after arm lift photos to get a full understanding of the results.

It is highly recommended that you stop smoking one month before and one month after your arm lift surgery because the nicotine present in cigarettes and tobacco impairs blood supply to the skin, and thus slowing the healing process.

Yes, you can have other procedures done at the same time as an arm lift, which both help you save money and time (recovery time). The most popular cosmetic surgeries that can be performed with an arm lift are liposuction, breast augmentation/lift, butt lift, tummy tuck, and thigh lift.

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May 12, 2023 4:04 pm

It’s been 5 months since my arm lift and I think I had a good surgery. It’s just that I think I feel some bumps almost under my scar. Is it something to be worried about? And is there anything I can do to make it go away?

Dr. Shokrzadeh
Dr. Shokrzadeh
Reply to  Sarah
May 13, 2023 9:07 am

Congratulations on your Brachioplasty and thank you so much for your question. It’s usually not something to worry about. What you described is a common post-op occurrence when absorbable sutures are used. It usually takes 3 to 6 months for the sutures to dissolve, during which the development of inflammatory nodules could be expected. A gentle massage in a circular direction could speed up the process. However, in case you notice a change in the nodules such as an increase in size, make sure you contact your surgeon and ask for guidance.

June 4, 2023 4:04 am

Hi, I’m 34, 173 cm, and 76 Kg. My arms are quite sagging and I’m really uncomfortable wearing short sleeves. I’m on a diet and have started losing weight recently, yet it doesn’t seem to affect the saggy arms much. I am seriously considering a solution for them as my wedding is in a year, yet I prefer an effective non-surgical solution. What would you recommend? Thank you.

Dr. Shokrzadeh
Dr. Shokrzadeh
Reply to  Emily
June 5, 2023 10:45 am

Thank you for your inquiry and congratulations on your wedding in advance. While there are various approaches to address concerns about skin laxity in the arms, not all types offer dramatic results and are effective for everyone. Generally, here are the main strategies you could use to improve sagging arms.

Non-Surgical Options: Some non-surgical methods utilize radiofrequency and infrared devices, applying heat to tighten the deeper dermal layers. These treatments may result in mild skin contraction and tightening. Others, like coolsculpting only deal with the fat under the skin and do not have skin-tightening effects. However, they typically require multiple sessions and ongoing maintenance for satisfactory outcomes. It’s important to note that these options may not be suitable for everyone, as effectiveness depends on individual needs and the degree of tightening required.

Exercise and Caution: In cases of minimal skin laxity, a combination of weightlifting to strengthen the tricep and bicep muscles may provide some improvement. However, it’s essential to understand that spot reduction of fat is not possible through exercise alone.

Surgical Solutions: Surgical solutions include liposuction and brachioplasty also known as arm lift. Liposuction primarily focuses on fat removal and may contribute to skin contraction in younger individuals. However, for most patients with moderate to severe excess skin seeking significant improvements, a mini or full brachioplasty is often recommended, though it comes with the trade-off of a scar. A mini brachioplasty is an option for minor defects. SAFE liposuction can be considered for minimal skin laxity and can be performed with or without a mini brachioplasty. Most patients benefit from a full Brachioplasty for moderate to severe excess skin, which involves an incision extending from the elbow to the axilla or armpit.

It’s crucial to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon for a personalized evaluation and recommendations based on your specific needs and goals. They can help you determine the most suitable approach to achieve your desired results while considering factors like skin laxity, fat removal, and overall aesthetics.

July 2, 2023 11:24 pm

Apparently, there are two placements for the arm lift incisions; it’s either on the inner arm or on the back of the arm (correct me if I’m wrong). Which one is the better option? Considering the inner arm placement is better hidden, is there any significant advantage to the incisions placed on the back of the arm?

Dr. Shokrzadeh
Dr. Shokrzadeh
Reply to  Jessica
July 3, 2023 8:11 am

As you mentioned there are two main approaches to arm lift or brachioplasty incisions. Some surgeons prefer placing the incision on the inner arm, between the biceps and triceps which is hidden when arms are at rest but visible when raised. Others opt for placing the incision on the back of the arm, which is more visible but is an easier approach and may have a lower risk of wound breakdown. Personal preferences among surgeons vary.

The inner arm incision is usually more popular due to its hidden scar which is aesthetically advantageous. However, the choice of technique ultimately depends on the surgeon’s preference.

August 8, 2023 5:41 pm

I had an arm liposuction about 4 months ago and am one hundred percent dissatisfied with the result. Yes, my arms used to be much fatter than what they are now, but now I’ve got a loose skin hanging from the arms. It looks terrible. I didn’t go for the arm lift in the first place because I thought the scars would be too much. But now I’m seriously considering a brachioplasty. Just tell me when can I have it. I would do it tomorrow if I was sure it was safe.

Dr. Shokrzadeh
Dr. Shokrzadeh
Reply to  Elizabeth
August 9, 2023 10:12 am

I understand your concern and am sorry to hear that you’re not satisfied with your surgery results. Unfortunately, removing a great deal of fat without a lift procedure can come with an increased sagging of the skin which could be visually unappealing. This is why many people having a liposuction also opt for an arm lift. Your plastic surgeon should have informed you about what to expect from your procedure. However, you can still significantly improve the droopy skin by having a Brachioplasty. I recommend you wait at least two more months before having your arm lift procedure so that the swelling subsides. Yet it would be even better to wait about a year after your liposuction so that you are fully healed. It is true that Brachioplasty leaves rather large scars since it makes use of long incisions, but it also offers dramatic results in treating flabby skin, which not any other procedure can do. While usually placed on the inner arm to be less noticeable, an arm lift scar can take 1 to 2 years to properly heal but it won’t completely fade. Depending on individual post-op care and differences in the body’s natural ability for wound healing, it can be less visible in some patients than in others. When considering plastic surgery, it is very important to have realistic expectations and carefully consider the pros and cons. Whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages or not may vary from one person to another, considering the differences in their aesthetic taste, goals, and expectations. Taking your time before going for the surgery is beneficial both regarding physical healing and also making sure that the urge to want firm and smooth arm skin outweighs your fear of the Brachioplasty scars.

September 3, 2023 8:05 pm

Hi, I need to know about the arm lift recovery, especially the downtime. When can I get back to work? Thank you so much.

Dr. Shokrzadeh
Dr. Shokrzadeh
Reply to  Jennifer
September 4, 2023 9:33 am

Thank you for your question regarding Brachioplasty recovery and downtime. An arm lift is an outpatient procedure, meaning you can go home after the surgery, and is considered a relatively low-pain procedure that allows most patients to resume work and light activities within a few days. Generally, the downtime will be 1 to 2 weeks. Some discomfort is typical during this time. So it’s important to avoid arm stretches in the initial recovery period (the first two weeks). it’s essential to wear a compression garment consistently for about a month to reduce swelling and refrain from lifting objects over 8 to 10 pounds for 4 to 6 weeks. The majority of the swelling usually subsides in 3 months. Scars continue to improve and fade 1 to 2 years after the surgery and the extent of scarring depends on factors such as post-op care, genetics, and age.
For personalized guidance tailored to your specific situation, it’s recommended to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon.