Lip Augmentation in Iran

Enhance your look with safe and affordable lip jobs at modern beauty clinics in Iran.

Lip Augmentation in Iran

Enhance your look with safe and affordable lip jobs at modern beauty clinics in Iran.

Women with plump lips are often considered to be more attractive than those with thin lips. Fortunately, in the ever-developing field of cosmetic procedures, there are different options for lip enhancement: lip fillers, implants, and fat grafting. If you think it would cost you too much to get a lip augmentation procedure in your own country, you can consider having it done in Iran at a much more reasonable price. This especially seems rational if you want to have other cosmetic procedures done too. We at AriaMedTour arrange an all-expense tour for you to get all your treatments done in Iran, including lip augmentation.

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Why Iran?

For one thing, you can have any cosmetic procedure in Iran at prices hardly found anywhere else in the world. For another, Iran boasts world-class beauty clinics and experienced plastic surgeons who offer safe and effective surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures including lip augmentation. Having lip aug in Iran is especially worth it if you have several procedures with a single trip, which translates to a big overall saving.

Why AriaMedTour?

AriaMedTour works with some of the most reputable plastic surgeons and clinics in Iran and offers a wide range of services to people coming from abroad to Iran to have cosmetic surgery. Employing a team of skilled and professional consultants, patient coordinators, and interpreters, AriaMedTour arranges your trip and surgery from A to Z, saving you all the hassle of the process.

How much does lip augmentation cost?

The prices for lip implants range from $900 to $1400, lip augmentation with fat transfer is offered for $400 to $500, and the cheapest alternative, fat injection, would cost about $400. However, these are approximate prices and you can contact us for an updated quote on our lip augmentation services.

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Lip Augmentation in Iran: All You Need to Know

Full lips have always been the most attractive features of facial beauty. Many men and women who have thin lips, want to have more enhanced lips to look more attractive. Lip augmentation is the most ideal surgical or non-surgical treatment to create a gorgeous look.

If you’re considering to get this procedure and need more details on the procedure, the options you have, the recovery, as well as how it would be like to have it done in Iran, here we provide you a comprehensive guide on ‘lip augmentation in Iran’.

What Is Lip Augmentation?

Lip augmentation, also called lip enhancement or lip job, refers to the procedure of increasing the volume of thin lips and creating a well-defined smile. It reduces wrinkles around the mouth as well. The treatment is one of the easiest cosmetic procedures and can be done on adults of nearly any age.

Why LIP Augmentation IN IRAN?

Quality – Lip augmentation is a very popular cosmetic procedure in Iran. Iranian beauty-loving women are increasingly seeking a lip enhancement for aesthetic purposes. That’s why this procedure is ranked among the top procedures performed in the country.

It’s not only the high rate of this procedure which makes Iran an ideal place to get it done in. The quality of this treatment is also on par with the best in the world.

Doctors, Hospitals, and Clinics – There are many experienced plastic surgeons and specialists in Iran who are performing cosmetic procedures in dozens of well-equipped clinics across the country.

Private hospitals and clinics in Iran offer a vast range of invasive and non-invasive cosmetic surgeries, including lip enhancement. While you may doubt about the quality, hygiene, and healthcare services you’d be provided with in Iranian hospitals and clinics, the reality would take you by surprise.

Cost – Everybody can get cosmetic/medical treatment in this country which is either not available or not affordable in their homeland. Almost all procedures including lip augmentation in Iran are far more cost-effective compared to having the same treatment in other countries like Australia, England, USA, Turkey, etc.

Tourist Attractions – Iran gives medical tourists a remarkable opportunity to visit some of the most alluring places by taking them on a medical tourist journey. While you’re staying at the country, whether you choose to have your lip job done in Tehran, Shiraz, Mashhad, or elsewhere, there is a list of tourist attractions you’d enjoy to see.

Visa – Getting a visa for traveling to Iran is becoming much easier than ever. You can either obtain your visa before or upon your arrival. Depending on your nationality, you’ll be able to stay for 1 to 2 months in the country. However, there are some restrictions for citizens of some countries like the US. Read our guide on visa for Iran to get more information on this.


To accomplish enhancing the lips, there are several methods. It’s the surgeon who selects the most suitable method for you to ensure the best result.

The methods include lip implants, lip injections or fillers, and fat grafting (the procedure of transferring your own fat to the lips). Lip injections and fat transfer are the most popular methods for lip augmentation in Iran. Below we describe each technique in full details.


This method provides permanent results. Implant surgery is quite simple and takes less than an hour. The surgeon makes incisions usually at the corners of the mouth and then creates a thin tunnel to place the implant.

There are various types of lip prosthesis used for the implantation. GORE-TEX, SoftForm, AlloDerm, and Mentor are some of them.

GORE-TEX lip implants have been used for many years. In this method, natural lip tissue grows and makes the implants a part of the lip structure.

SoftForm lip implants are also made from ePTFE but have a tubular shape. This lessens the chance of migration.

AlloDerm is derived from human tissue. That is why it will not provoke an allergic response.

Mentor lip implants are FDA-approved prosthesis which yields natural-looking results with the least possible side effects.

Lip implants have fewer complications compared to other cosmetic surgeries. However, like any surgery, there are some factors that should be taken into consideration, including implant rejection, scarring, stiffness of the lips, and implant migration. There is no need to worry though if you choose a skillful surgeon.


Injectable lip fillers have long been used by cosmetic surgeons to give the lips voluptuous look. As the materials and injections techniques widely vary, there are many options that can fulfill your individual needs.

In this method, you can get your desired goal in less than 30 minutes. There are two common types of fillers which can be injected to your lips:

  • Collagen-based lip fillers, which are the most commonly used filler all over the world. They come into two types: bovine-derived collagen, and human-derived collagen.
  • Hyaluronic acid-based lip fillers, which are biodegradable substances that occur naturally in body joints and skin, moisturize and plump the lips, and provide longer-lasting results.

Redness, bruising, swelling, and minor discomfort after the procedure minimize and fade away within a few days.


This method is highly recommended and suitable for those who want to have plumper lips, but they do not want to inject any foreign material into their body. The fat used in this method is derived from the patient’s own body (usually the abdomen or thighs) and gives you a soft, natural-looking result.

Swelling, bruising, and bleeding is common after the procedure. One of the shortcomings of this method is that some fat cells might die during transfer. However, experienced surgeons inject the fat in different steps, with intervals, to prevent this from happening. The most prominent feature of this method is that it causes no allergy, as it is a part of the patient’s own body.


Lip augmentation’s cost varies depending on some factors including the method, the quality of the material used, the experience and skill of the doctor, and more importantly, the country in which you get the treatment.

Due to economic factors, the price of cosmetic procedures in Iran is very affordable, while the quality is still high. For a lip enhancement procedure, for instance, prices start at $400 and go up to $1,400.

If you want to get lip prosthesis implanted into your lips, the price would fall somewhere between $900 and $1,400. If you’re getting lip injections, you’d be charged from $400. For lip enhancement with fat transfer, the cost would range from $400 to $500.


Recovery time after a lip augmentation procedure is typically short, making it one of the easiest ways to make the face more visually appealing.

Generally, patients can return to their daily routine in less than a day. Bruising and swelling can be expected and will fade away after about one week.

If you’re going with lip implants, stitches in the mouth will dissolve in approximately one week. Numbness of the lips is also common.

It is noteworthy that after the procedure you should avoid:

  • wearing make-up for 12 hours after the procedure
  • saunas, steam rooms, sunbeds or sun exposure until redness and swelling fade
  • work out for 24 hours after the procedure
  • alcohol for at least 24 hours after the procedure
  • manipulation of the treated area

Dehydrating and moisturizing creams to refine skin’s texture can also be used during this period.

Are Lip Augmentation Procedures Safe?

Lip job is one of the safest, if not the safest, cosmetic procedures you can ever have. There are a few side effects like swelling and bruising that you may temporarily experience following the procedure.

Other risks like scarring, infection, lips’ asymmetry, and allergy are rarely happening. For example, with fat transfer and lip fillers, there’s no risk of scarring. Or, infection is hardly reported with the application of mentor lip prosthesis. These implants are very safe, currently being used in many developed countries as well as Iran.

Moreover, several studies confirm the safety and efficacy of these procedures. In a study published in the Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery, lip implants and fillers were assessed and proved to have natural results without any discomfort or complications.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lip Augmentation

The volume of your lips can remain the same if you get lip implants. Although implants are long-lasting, lip injections do not last more than 6-8 months.

As the lip filler itself includes lidocaine, it numbs your lips. So, the procedure will not be painful at all.

You’ll feel weird after getting fill injections or any other lip lift procedure as your lips become swollen. It will last from 3 to 10 days until the swelling goes away. Also, since you’re not used to the filler beneath your skin, you may feel uncomfortable for a few days following the injection.

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