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What are the highly effective treatments for hair loss?

When you are going out, you may take a shower, shave, put on some lotion and brush your hair before setting foot out of your home. But what if you are in a hurry? Well, skip the first three and just brush your hair. The reason is that the hair is a determining factor in […]

Growing demands on Hair transplant in Iran

Medical tourism is becoming more and more popular in all fields of medical and cosmetics in Iran. it should be noted that alongside of the fame in rhinoplasty and over all plastic surgery, it offers also high quality hair transplant services for international demands as hair is nowadays a beauty factor both for men and [...]
Hair Transplant Archived Questions

Hair Transplant Archived Questions

This Part is frequently updated. Question 7: What is the best method for hair transplant? Answer: Generally The FUT and FIT as a combined method would be the best for most of the patients. You will get perfect result regarding to your head type and you will completely feel the change. First FUT and then [...]