After you’ve got your nose surgery done, there’s one serious step on the horizon. That’s recovery period! To maintain your nose shape as it is, you need to be cautious about wearing eyeglasses of any kind after the surgery. But how and until when? Read on to find the answers.

Rhinoplasty, also known as nose job, is a type of plastic surgery for reconstructing the nose form. Most patients are willing to have rhinoplasty to solve their breathing problems or for aesthetic reasons. However, a prevalent concern for patients is whether they should avoid wearing sunglasses or eyeglasses after rhinoplasty and if yes, how they can manage this issue.

girl with brown hair grabbing her eyeglasses with hand

What to do with your eyeglasses after nose job?

When to Wear Eyeglasses after Rhinoplasty?

Eyeglasses can be worn a week after the nose surgery before the splint is removed. The hard surface of the splint would prevent any changes in the nose’s shape.

After removing the splint, patients should avoid wearing glasses or sunglasses, particularly plastic-framed glasses (which would rest all the way over the top of the nose), for 6 weeks following the surgery. Since the nose is still soft, the weight of glasses would press the healing nasal bones. So, it may deform the shape of the nose. It is also recommended to avoid long-term use of glasses till around 6 months after the surgery.

How Can I Manage My Vision during This Period?

While some people may wear glasses for style or avoiding sun exposure, there are many people who are unable to see without corrective eyeglasses. That is when they start to worry about post-rhinoplasty vision problems they may face.

However, the good news is that there are some getaways ahead. Using lenses can free you from all the concerns and hassles of when to wear glasses or else.

If you’re not comfortable with lenses or you have an allergy to such lenses, you can wear post-rhinoplasty glasses instead. These eyeglasses are ultra-light and do not rest on the nasal bridge. So, there would be no risk of affecting the nose recovery.

The third option you may take into account is taping your glasses to your forehead. This will secure the glasses and prevent the nose from deformation. There are a lot of glass supports available in the market, helping people get through the recovery period with ease. So, patients are able to use their eyeglasses while driving or doing their daily activities.

woman wearing eyeglasses after nose job while they are taped to her forehead

This is how you can wear eyeglasses during recovery period!

What If I Wear My Glasses after Rhinoplasty?

The healing process of your nose lasts for 5 to 6 weeks. Wearing eyeglasses within this time put pressure on the nose. Plus, it may cause indentations or leave bumps on the nose.

While wearing glasses after nose surgery does not result in permanent damages, they will delay/affect the proper healing procedure. Moreover, if any indents are made, you will need to visit your doctor to smooth out the indent.

All in all, prepare yourself for the surgery and become an informed patient by knowing everything you need to know before a nose job. Discuss your issues with your doctor both before and after your surgery. Also, follow your doctor’s instructions during the recovery period so that the healing process does not slow down and you get back to normal life as soon as possible.

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